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Today's guest is Kaelin Lipscomb. And she is part, owner of a salon locally here. Very successful. What a businesswoman you're just going to enjoy hearing her story and about how this successful salon got started. So let's start the conversation, high Kaylynn. Thanks so much for being here today. Hey, thanks for having me. I'm really excited to talk about your businesses. You've got to really great businesses. Yes, they're both very fun. But before we go there, let's talk about your kids, 'cause this is hey, moms and business. So tell us about okay? I have a twelve year old daughter in junior high this year, and she's awesome. And a good kid. She's got that teenager attitude right now. But she's still pretty good. And then I have a ten year old son, who is in fourth grade, very into sports. He's my little troublemaker but it's. He's a good boy to so it's fun. And what are their names? Elise is my daughter and raker is my son Reicher. Okay. So I used to be a schoolteacher and a hundred years ago and fourth grade was my favorite 'cause they like the kids started to get a sense of humor Elliot's, and they started to understand sarcasm, which is definitely a show off. Yeah, I yeah, I one of those for sure that my, my eight year old, he's I, I love him but he's a little asshole right now. Oh, I can, yes. His teacher does not like him that much this year just because he's hard. He's hard. But he just show. He's like the class, clown. So goof off on lawns. So that's this is the first year we've had to deal with a teacher not really liking him. Yeah, we're having issues with them but it's one year. So I just keep making them to make it through high say to Bentley all the time like Bentley here like this amazing kid one day one day. He is. He's going to be a great kid right now. He just thinks that he needs attention anyway. You can get it. Uh-huh. That's hard. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. He's been doing flips off his chair in class. He will. He's hopped over my neighbors wall to show off to grab a ball for one of the boys, just little troubles like that. And then yes, this is part of being a kid shore shore. And that makes me feel like human. Thank you very much. You know how about you? Do you ever like see your phone and the kids school, pops up and you're like man with Reicher? Yes. My daughter has had teachers MLS. Actually, it was like the best, one of the best feelings. She had her social studies teacher Email us about how she's one of the most wonderful students. He's ever had that we're doing a great job raising her and right. And I are just kind of like same parents. She could be raised by wolves and she would come out exactly how she like she's one hundred percent just herself. That's awesome. She's pretty awesome. Twelve is, is an interesting age have a twelve year old daughter as well. And she's amazing like she's a great human being. Yes. Girls are just not in the morning. Oh my daughter's a morning person my son, I have to drag out by his feet. But she, yeah, it's, it's just the difference attitude. All the questions they hear at school. What's this? What's that? You're just like oh, gosh, I say I say to my husband in morning. Remind me that she's not like that. It's just she's not a morning person because I'm such a morning person too. So anyway, that's good about your kids. Okay. So let's jump in. We're gonna jump all around just say, oh, yeah. Okay. So I wanna hear about your two businesses. Quantum your salon that you own own. Yes. How own? Yes. Yes. And also your individual business that you do out of that, swan, okay, I've been doing ascetics for almost sixteen years. I didn't want to go to college. And I kinda just fell into his my aunt went to school for aesthetics, which, I don't think she ever even used it. But I went in and kind of fell in love with it and thought this would be really like a fun job. I guess is what I wanted, and I remember my dad did not want me to do it. And. Why, why do you think that I he might didn't go to college? My mom didn't go to college. And I was the oldest soc. He it was like his life mission like you're going to go to college. We never got this opportunity, you know, we can help you with this, and I remember taking him to tour the school, and he was like, no way. And I think I was working Einstein bagels as heights like just out of high school and is home that I'm gonna work it. I say goes to the rest of my life. That's all I think I broke him down, and he ended up doing it, which now it's so funny because he used like so stoked. And he gets so excited to talk about my business and kind of how far it's come and we I mean, I've worked horrible jobs. I've worked awesome jobs. You kinda take from all of it. And then when we moved back to Phoenix, we were in Vegas for a couple years, I had to start over a build my clientele, again and built that after a few years. And then my husband was in college, and I told him like I wanna rent, I wanna start my own. The skin bar. And if I don't make it I'm going to be paying to go to work, and he is a huge reason to I have a really good partner in life. And he kind of never told me. No. And so we just did it. And so it the for I think I cried every week for the first year every week I believe you it is so hard, hard. Yes. But is oh, that's thing I've ever done like I could never go back. I love it so much. So a couple of things it's really interesting. And I'm make confession confession from Angela, I grew up, and in my stupid mind and my small little narrow mind. I thought everyone should go to college because I wanted to go to college, and I was so excited about the whole experience of it. And I was such like a school nerd and I wanted I wanted that so bad for myself, and I didn't understand why somebody wouldn't go to college. Like, what are you gonna do if you don't go to college? And so, I met my husband who is the smartest man. I have ever met. And he didn't go to college, and we ended up in the same spot in life, and I. I thought I thank God that he showed me that one of my many blessings with my husband to shut my stupid small-minded mentality about there's only one way to success. That was the most embarrassingly ridiculous thing ever thought, I felt a lot of people think that and I do, like it's cool to come across some, especially like for you with your husband, like the just show you the world. And in different light sometimes, and I mean, I didn't go to college, and I still feel like I want my kids go to college, kind of, but I will support them if they don't to I have a lot of college students that go through it, and they don't even use their degree, or they ends a lot of money. Yeah. So I mean we my husband went to college later in life. And so it's a lot of money. I think if you wanna go to college, or you want to pursue a career like I have six kids, my first, too. It just wasn't for them and my third. He wants to be an engineer, and he so into it, so if he's into it, and he loves it. And you need that for your career path great. And if not do something you love do something you're passionate about. Yes. I love see an engineering so cool to if you're passionate about it just run with it like, who cares? These people to be passionate about engineering. I will not be one of them. Yes. I think it will. Yeah, I colleges for some and not for everybody. I love that, that you pursued and went against the grain and look where you're at you have an amazing your business is amazing. Thank you. Thanks. It was a scary time for sure. But it's all things really kinda discount. Goodwin. Brittany, and I, I have met Brittany through my sister. She's one of my sister's best friends in, we rented out of same studio, and I, she wanted to open a slot. And I had kind of never thought about it. And then we were kind of talking about it and at the time she was thinking about opening a slow on with her sister-in-law. And then I in, I had found this listing in downtown Gilbert, it was like the last listing on the last page of loop net. And it was so cheap, and we got so lucky because we were kind of like, oh my gosh. This is gonna blow up down here. I think Postino had just gone in and it was just kinda getting like a buzz down there. So I called her and we were, you know, we're getting this. We're getting there it wasn't even an option and the realtor wouldn't show it to us. He's aren't realtors Inc. Why he wanted though? He kept saying you can't put water. There's no running water. We, my dad was like you can put running one or anywhere like you could tap in there, as you know, a bunch of stuff. And so we ended up finding the owner tracking him down. He lived in Chicago on the internet forever to find this guy. And I called him and I was like listen like we're trying to see your spot. This guy won't show it to us, and he ended up negotiating with us, and that really I don't still don't know. He's still did not like us for some reason, if you think about it, though, that previous owner if they have any idea what the to God. I know. He wasn't even here. So he didn't even know. Yeah. And it was like this card shop with, like office floors. And like roll the rubber baseboards. I mean, we demolish the whole thing, cut the ceiling out airplanes is so cute. Oh, thanks. We had it was kind of cool. My, my whole family britney's whole family. Like they all came in. We ripped up the floors together are my mom's stained all the doors in my spot? Like, we just we didn't have a contractor, a we had a budget, and we just I think that's the first hand experience panic. Attacks slowing back. Let's go back 'cause I heard three things that you said, first of all, you had build a clientele in. You're in Vegas, then you left that clientele had to build a clientele, again here in Gilbert. Yes. And then then you said I.

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