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Week what a week is doug jones the democrats scott brown scott brown winning in the special election upset in massachusetts in 2010 heralding a huge swing towards the republicans in the offyear elections however i don't think it's the case because one voters hated obamacare in 2010 they are in a love tax reform to premiums went up and taxes are gonna go down when the actual bills land on the tables and three brown coakley was a referendum on obamacare and while coakley was a lousy candidate she wasn't accused of a crime against the minor by a different viewpoints branson eliana why johnson politicos superstar reporter follower on twitter eliana y johnson eliana what did the republicans have facing them on the map of the senate specifically as we head into 28 eighteen well i don't think we quite no we it he's but doug jones victory in alabama for the first time i open up the prospect that they could retake the majority that really wasn't possible before jones is victory tuesday and now the new have a chance that doing that oklahoma of all their seats will pick up your bit about about is they do it exactly and i mean that really wasn't possible took four tuesday so i think it's a real psychological boost for democrats and you know the adrenaline is certainly on the downside now marguerite now i'm i'm not going to slim beer until people that dean heller in troop he's not i but the super cup for the dump so i don't know how maybe he can pull them i don't see guys if the republicans in arizona nominate martha mix sally with three hundred and fifty hours of combat experience flying in a tan centerright republican she's gonna win if they nominate kelly ward kelly words gonna lose sets that's obvious to me so that will find that out but then let's look at the democrat map and i want to start with a special election from your home state al franken is gone and a new senator tina smith walks on the national stage today i had never heard her name until last week and i follow minnesota tell me about tina smith eliana johnson thank you i'm a native minnesota and i had never heard her name uh obviously i i the lived in the.

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