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A bunch of people who agreed on everything her country was founded by people who disagreed very strongly on certain issues, but they agreed on one thing that we were stronger together as A. Nation and we were thirteen separate holiday that means that I have your best interests at heart and you have my best interests at heart. Otherwise, we wouldn't be a nation and so our differences. We can work them out at a table like adults on the basis of evidence and I think we need more of that I come from a background in policy with over fourteen years in the foreign service serving overseas in places like Iraq and Russia and Israel If I could sit across the table from someone in Iraq who literally wanted to kill me, I can sit across the table from Republican and work on a healthcare bill on immigration. This is Houston matters. I'm Craig Cohen. We're talking with three Preston Carney the Democrat running against Republican Troy Nehls for the Texas Twenty Second Congressional district seat. We welcome your questions and comments for Carney at talk at Houston matters dot org or seven, one, three, four, four, zero, eight, hundred, eight, seventy. It is possible that the majorities could shift in either the House or Senate in November but let's let's consider the possibility at the moment that. and. Let's say you get elected. To the twenty second Congressional district seat and you get to Washington and there's a democratic led House and Republican led Senate like we have now. And the ability for the two houses of Congress to come together to pass legislation critical to US citizens like the virus relief bill that at the moment seems now to be stalled potentially till after the election without any White House support. Let's say things are as difficult as ever. What are you willing to do to help break those logjams? So I mean first of all I think there are a lot of things that we can work on together from a bipartisan perspective, a great examples infrastructure So around the Houston area, for example, we need to invest in better infrastructure to protect us from flooding. We've had five hundred year flood event after five hundred year quite event, and some of those we relatively simple like shoring up levees. Some of them might be major infrastructure projects if we're building a canal namic pumping all the way out to the Gulf for example, we need to invest in in. Transportation Infrastructure, you know high speed rail between Dallas and Houston as well as public transportation on both ends, and then of course, telecommunications infrastructure, which we've found to be extremely important during the pandemic where telehealth has become very important. So those kind of things I think we can find common ground. We can find issues that we want to work on together across the and then there's the attitude that we take to Washington and I can tell you after twenty sixteen when our country was. So divided I reach out to Republican colleagues we started a group called breaking bread. It wasn't a debating group, but we do is we would meet wants to a week to have a meal with each other and one person would talk about a concern that they have and somebody else for the meal would have to restate that concern in different words not respond to it, and usually what would happen is you find that it was a character what someone else said, and so you'd go a few rounds of this and at the end of it when the first person finally says that the second person gets they see where they're coming from then you throw it up open to the entire group. to try and address the first person's concerns without violating the second person's values you don't always come to an answer, but you do is you re frame the question and that's I think what we need to do in Washington we need to reframe all these they not as a zero sum game, but as challenges when when John Kennedy challenged us to go to the. Moon right here in Houston it wasn't a challenge for Republicans or Democrats to challenge. Dr Tire Society after nine eleven, we didn't divide into Republicans or Democrats came together around national towns right now with Corona virus, we're facing the greatest national challenge of our lifetimes and when we when we see those challenges in front of us, we should use that as an to unite not divide. We have seen a congress able to pass something related to corona virus. Relief. And the that has happened in the last several months you mentioned infrastructure is something that seems to be a topic of interest to both Democrats and Republicans, and where you think maybe there could be a meeting of the minds but that's also something that we've heard the last several years especially the last few years since Hurricane Harvey. There's been a lot of focus here on it. And yet, we don't necessarily see legislation actually come out as a result of it. Why do you think that is? I I think it's because we get divided along these other issues there. There's really inflammatory issues out there that they make for good theater they make for good tweets, but it doesn't make for good governance and the honest truth is you're probably not going to see a lot of tweets from measor congressman. You're probably gonNA, see a boring congressman 'cause not wearing a hat that says you know. You know build this wall where or bandits this or destroy this. You'RE GONNA, see rolling up his sleeves and actually doing the hard policy work with this is boring sometimes wonky. But if it's what gets the job done and so I think. Looking. For people across the aisles were actually problem solvers who want to actually work on the problems that are facing our entire community and our entire society that I'm GONNA be looking for I'm going to be seeking out those opportunities for people on the other side who who want to do this work. All right. So what are some other boring wonky examples you can share with us? Well I. I give you probably something that's maybe not so boring people around here climate change the good example of a place where we should be working together. Right. There's this false cy Kadhamy between having good jobs here in Texas or having a clean environment I I think that's the wrong framing. We should be talking about how to expand the energy economy here So for example, we leader and oil gas, but we're also leader. And Solar. Here we should be the leader I've start we're the leader in wins here where we should be the leader in solar in Texas but that involves investing in new technology I was talking to a company, the other day that is condensing air into liquid form for storage we should be drilling even deeper because if you drill deeper guess what there's geothermal energy underneath us, we should be tying our grit. There's an eastern. Rid the United States and western to the United States and then there's Urquhot was basically for Texas, we need to tie these together and and use those those same skills that we have in. So many of the engineers are working oil and gas they can work on issues like carbon sequestration I know many people who are working on that right now. So the bottom line is that you refrain these debates into a common national challenge. To put that to the people of Texas and say, we have the best in the price mind here how do we create the jobs of the twenty first century? There will actually give us a renewable energy economy. She'll give us a clean environment which will help mitigate the effects of climate change and progress the kind of future that all of our future generations and children walking. Let's take a call. We have ron on the line from Fort Bend, Ron. What's your question for? Serie. Preston Kulkarni. So thank you for taking my call the my question is along the lines of what you just said. yes. We do have a lot of very bright engineers here, but they're pretty much most of them were working in the oil and gas industry which has. Historically. Being quite resistant to Nubile. Energy and clean energy technologies talks from carbon sequestration and things like that. What. Type of policies would you try to promote in terms of developing more solar and wind? And Energy Storage, and technologies of that kind and how would you convince? traditional engineers who worked for decades and oil and gas to transition. Thank you. So I didn't the bottom line. Thank you very much for the question. The bottom line is that the investments that we make as a society they reflect our values and so. If we make investments in the technology, we make investments in the infrastructure. Then the jobs that will come because the turn of the Twentieth Century A lot of people thought that we'd have huge unemployment because the horse and buggy industry with going out of business. That's not what happened back just the opposite and so instead of looking backwards and saying, why are we losing these jobs in fossils and we lost a lot of jobs in the fossil fuel industry and according to. Recent estimates as many as seventy percent of them are not going to be coming back within the next year, we should be thinking how is it that we create the jobs of the twenty th century, and you see the kind of investments that we make at scale with the federal government. For example, the IPHONE that I'm talking on right now many of the the much of the technology that we. Use every single day came from investments by the Federal Government I. So we make those kind of investments create that infrastructure i. think that's what Crepe, the opportunity for people like I said somebody somebody who's an expert in drilling can use those skills to to drove leaper geothermal energy. One example I look to, for example, is Iceland they have most of their energy comes from geothermal energy or Norway where. Oil is their number one source of revenue. What are they use it for? They invest that money into a renewable means I think that that's how we think of things at the federal government letter will level what are the investments that we're making right now they're not just for six months or one year down the line, but for an economy that's going to be working ten years, twenty years, thirty years down the line. Repressed and Kearney is the Democratic candidate for the Texas. Twenty second district seat is opponent is Republican Troy Nehls. Again, we have invited nails to join us for an interview on an upcoming program. He has not yet agreed to do so but we'll continue to pursue that over the coming weeks three Preston Carney, thanks for talking with us. Thank you so much and by the way for everybody out there listening, this is the most important election of our lifetimes we know that the are. Of our children is at stake. No. Our economy of say, can our lives at stake? So if you want to get involved election starts Tuesday but you can go on our website at three twenty twenty dot com that's Sri two, zero zero, dot com slash action join one of our event this Friday we're doing a reach competition which allows us to reach into every community. So. If you know people within our district and Sherwin Perelman Katie Clear Lake where you live there, we'd love to have you part of that because you can help us connect communities and then on Saturday we're doing a phone bank with secretary Gusto former presidential candidate. So please go on our website Sri Twenty, twenty, dot com slash action join one of our events because. This is the most important election of our lifetime and we cannot sit out..

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