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Have ever been done with childhood adverse trauma and deposits of cortisol and how can quote a deposits do in response to trauma contribute to. I are optical ocular problems later on in adulthood, and those are my questions dispersion. Ocular pressure management and manufacturing and cortisol from related to adverse childhood environments. All right start with number one. If you would Mark, oh, we could talk for hours on this this is untested. So basically you got to do it in two minutes. We want to look at inflammatory. We have to make sure that the person we wanna put the person anti inflammatory diet dispersion can relate to inflammation in terms of ways to manage your eye pressure. In fact, in this month's journal there is a article on meditation and how can help lower. The I pressure also sleeping position than increase or decrease. I pressure side sleeping can increase eye pressure. Sleeping at thirty degree angle can decrease I pressure, right. Nostril breathing can lower. I I have all these things in my new book coma suspect. Yes, we want to maintain to try to lower the pressure aerobic exercise for times a week and lower the pressure. But the most important thing is to do neural protection for your uptick nerve. Because..

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