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This is part two. Right here with richard roeper. Jeff de not a great movie talk get into a more here in part two so let's just hop into it. Here's part two with richard roeper and jeff de la. Is there any actor that completely. Aisha's you because of a review yes. There are koppel of cases. I'll tell the story. Because i've told it before doing the tonight show. Roger and i were doing guest tonight. Show and ben. Stiller was on. And i know sue landers become a huge cult film but i did not love the first one. The second was the disaster. But i think i gave maybe two and a half stars to the first one. Sort of a mild. Hey got a great concept. Didn't love it so backstage. The tonight show they have all these guests books. Anybody who's ever on there and there's like you know dozens of them. It's real cool because you can pull out. Hey wow nineteen eighty-four murphy's first appearance. And he put a little note in there and everything so the producer comes backstage. Hey guys good to have you on the show again ben. Stiller is going to be on these in the other dressing room. like gay. Didn't love movie. But i love him. He's done a lot and they go. Hey we got the guestbook. Here for you guys to sign. So roger grab the guestbook. Any me and he had this kind of just raises eyebrows like a cartoon character. It come take a look at this. And instead of saying to jay leno tonight show producer tonight show producers. I'm so glad to be on the show again. Ben stiller ben stiller wrote to hebron roper. Why don't you take those two thumbs. Shove them up your ass. Hadn't gotten over it. And then he he was on first and he left before he wouldn't come on with us and we later heard from him and he goes. I'm sorry because he's he is. I know he's a sweet guy. I don't know him. You know per se but you know he's got a great reputation and very a person and he just said you know i. I'm sorry. I had that reaction but i spent four years of my life working on that movie and roger said well. We spent ninety minutes sitting through it. So let's call. But he was a little harsher about this of sometimes than i was but i i get that and jeff this to nobody out sounds says. Let's make a shitty movie. Maybe maybe adam sandler when he's got his fifteenth comedy with his buddies knows it's not going to be an oscar winner and i've got relatives who work in the movie business on crew and props and things like that and lots of friends who work behind the scenes screen writers who were fifteen years on a script and then it finally gets made.

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