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Midnight flight back to allah yar and it was you're always going on very little sia um and like most of the people in the oil sector they were all of drunken hung over well probably i don't know but the crowd was for sure yeah and then i had to put auto show yes i mean it was kevin heart it was his show he was he was introducing the teams that was his job yes so how did this i'll go down by the way like how they ask kevin hard kevin hearts you know he's amazing he's one of the biggest box of stars in the world renault so they want him and he's a big sports fan begin best within the celebrity game right yeah he's the paso so they ask him to introduce the teams you know in a in a dramatic fashion with a lot of you know snap so he went out and got it he were it was kind of fun i was flattered and honored that he asked me to be part of it but he asked me he asked a adam devine he got jamie foxx he got to sing in rap and was amazing at that by the way yet he got queen latifah and he got ludicrous and we all helped to this lakes it was kind of like a vignette so it was like a a an want to call it a sketch but it was up a mini play where uh i played like the ghost of christmas past here to shepherd him along this journey on why he can't be in nba allstar and so there was music and there was dancing and there was pie role which you saw and then i saying line yeah well.

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