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You think about Drake London coming off the fractured ankle. So number one is Garrett Wilson from Ohio State. The body control, the ability to run any route necessary Brian Hart line of coach here. It was a great job getting those receivers ready for the National Football League. He could go number 8 to Atlanta be a great pick there for the falcons, Marcus Mariota taking over a quarterback. They need wide receiver help. He would team up with Kyle Pitts, give them that passing game situation in terms of weapons that they really need. Then you look at the next receiver off the board, could be Drake London from USC, Drake London, as I say, coming off the fractured ankle aid October, but he brings the size the physicality that the New York Jets that pick number ten would be looking for for their young quarterback Zach Wilson. So Drake London, I think, drops to ten because of the injury, not going through the process as clean as you would want, and it'd be a heck of a pick for the jets and crystal lava. I'll put him in a three. Jameis and Williams when I update the rankings on Wednesday day before the draft will be number three, but right now Chris olave is three. You know what you're getting a professional ready to contribute as a rookie to Philadelphia Eagles pick at 15 opposite devonte Smith he would look very good in an eagles uniform and jamison Williams certainly would be a guy if he's three and he's moved up that far. He's a guy you want to trade up for if you're Green Bay or your Kansas City and then I mentioned trailing perks from Arkansas, Christian Watson, North Dakota state and you can't forget about Jahan dotson from Penn State and my underrated guy I've been talking about since October sky more out of western Michigan also like Alec pierce a lot coming out of Cincinnati so the depth Kelsey wide receiver is outstanding although it doesn't match last year when we had the three big timers at the top. The depth overall is as good as it gets. 7 wide receivers going in the first round of your mock draft that would tie the most in the common draft air and we will see what happens. And speaking of wide receivers, more on this Friday, coming your way, the forty-niners, they've got a tough decision to make on Devo Samuel. Wanting out of the Bay Area could a trade to San Francisco back in the first round, we'll see what happens in the NFL Draft, more NFL live after this. Plus, the lions have 5 picks in the top 100 of this year's draft. So should they roll the dice with a new quarterback, one of our analysts thinks to Troy is better off with Jared Goff and NFL live is brought to you by Disney planet possible picture what's possible by sharing images that give you hope for our planet's future. Geico asks how would you love a chance to save some money on car insurance? Of course he would, and when it comes to great rates on insurance, Geico can help, like with insurance for your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, and RV. Even help with homeowners or renters coverage, plus at an easy to use mobile app available 24 hour roadside assistance and more and Geico isn't easy choice. Switch today and see all the ways you could save. It's easy. Simply go to Geico dot com or contact your local agent today. 30 for 30%. Greatest thing that ever happened to Greg Norman was getting the nickname, the great white shark. He lived his life big. Welcome to the 1996 masters, the world's number one Greg Norman. Greg that left the chorus on Saturday night wasn't the same when it showed up on Sunday. One of the greatest sports collapses ever. I remember how sick it made me feel. Would my life be different if I had a green jacket? 30 for 30% shark. Now streaming on ESPN+. Welcome back to NFL live, the NFL Draft is less than a week away, April 28th, 29th and 30th, and we will have every pick once again on ESPN along with our usual expert analysis. It's also available on NFL network and ABC's coverage focuses on the prospect's journey to the draft all three days. Also available on ESPN deportes, ESPN radio, and the ESPN app. Now everybody's journey to the draft day. It's different. And for linebacker, David ojabo, it's been an unconventional one. Oh, Jabba was overseas at home in Scotland unable to return to the University of Michigan for months. He realized the game of football can be taken away quickly. And so he dialed in on every little detail of the game. It's a game that he only learned a few years before. I was born in Nigeria, lived there to our 7 years old. My dad's engineer, my mom's a lawyer, so I threw my dad's job. We moved over to Scotland. And I was playing soccer, basketball, and then Renault's 15 years old. I had dreams of going to the next level in America. I was a blurry academy, those two sports didn't really work out as well as I thought it was. So, you know, I switched to the track and field and ended up winning the hundred meter dash, perhaps state title, which then led people to tell me to play football. I gained new sport. It was a very difficult in the beginning to learn, but my first year, I earned 35 scholarships. We chose Michigan because, you know, it's the best of both worlds, you have the top education in the country and the biggest stadium in the country. Third year, we finally got to play, and top of that my parents got to come over and watch us beat a house that and go on to a big time championship and beat Iowa. I'm so grateful for my parents believed in me as a 15 year old. They let me go, and they supported me, and I owe them everything. Such an incredible journey, but now he's walking down another unexpected path. He suffered a torn Achilles at his pro day, Mel kiper, junior, as I'm going 34th overall to the Lions, a team that has 5 picks in the top 100 Jared Goff, of course, considered to be their starting QB. But what will they get at quarterback in the draft? Here's golf's thoughts on if they do go quarterback. You know, whatever it is I trust those guys, you know, they've expressed a lot of confidence in me and feel good about where I'm at and where I'm at with them and where we're headed. I'm excited about it. But if anything were to happen there, no, no concern. And trust those guys upstairs. I mean, I've always liked helping younger guys. I don't know. I have no idea I've never been in that position, but I don't know. I'm sure I would be the same guy I am and be helpful if I felt like it. So Jared Goff Jeff saying all the right things. Do you believe what he's saying? I do. Jared's one of the most genuine people you will ever meet. And I don't think that he would treat any competition like that with animosity. That being said, I also sense when he says those things that he feels some level of comfort from the organization and maybe things that they've told him to instill some faith that he will be the starting quarterback this year. Things change, of course, but at this point, yeah, I do believe Jared and I believe that he's very capable of handling that now that he's been in the league for this amount of time and really been through some rigors in that time. So I do. I do believe him. It's definitely been a journey for him to get to this point. Meanwhile, meld the lines, they have 5 picks in the top 100, including the second overall pick, so do they go quarterback you think at number two? I don't, Kelsey, some think they will. I disagree. I'm Malik Willis name has come up for them, but I just think you go defense. You got a corner like sauce gardener, you got a defensive pass rusher on that side of the ball like Trayvon walker, you can move around, try to figure out where he's going to maximize that ability or maybe even kayvon thibodeau. And then you go defense as well in the second third rounds moving forward. You've got that 32nd pick. That could be traded to somebody else, or if they feel like either Desmond Ritter from Cincinnati or Matt corral from old miss has a great high enough to warrant being the 32nd pick, then you would do it. If you don't feel there in that range, to be that guy and have that higher grade than you have to go defensive side of the ball. I think in terms of what they need, they need everything, right, mail, they don't need a quarterback. They got a quarterback in Jared Goff. Jared Goff gets a bad rap because of the way it all ended in Los Angeles for him. He took a team to a Super Bowl, multiple playoff appearances, a Pro.

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