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And 24 Hour casino action. Signed up for your K NPR half past head. Mother passed headline on these Sports Sports League. Very good. Look at the headlines here in the two o'clock hour, of course, $40 finish up their season yesterday, losing to the Seahawks 26 23 Today's the day. That a lot of coaches say goodbye or stick around in the NFL and the Bangles decide to keep Zach Taylor so their head coach is gonna stay on. The Chargers said goodbye to Anthony Lynn. So Lynn is out in Southern California Jaguars are firing both teams. Caldwell, their general manager, and Doug Marone, their head coach, Urban Meyer's expected to be the coach there. For big dollars, maybe as much as $12 million a year Adam gazes out is the head coach of the New York Jets. Nick Saban has interested. It has interest in gays or Tom O'Brien. Our Bill O'Brien. I should say as his offensive coordinator in Alabama, replacing Steve Starkey Zeon, who left to take the Texas job. They're currently six NFL openings. Head coach Wise, the Lions, the Falcons, the Texans, the Jets. JAG Wars and the Chargers all looking for a head coach. And tonight the Warriors in action. They beat Portland yesterday. 1 37 1 22 62 points for Steph Curry and 36 minutes and they're back at it tonight. Against the Sacramento King. Seven o'clock tip Kings of two point favorite in that one knows you're half past headlines. No back of Mr T. Krug and Rod B T. K B on KNBR 1045 and 685 Sports leader, brother. Welcome back. It's good to be back. It's old brute. Burger and Brooke show skating at full strength once a gain that Miyoko, Susan Slusser, Bruce Jenkins, Chris Mullin will be our guests. Starting.

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