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Other local providers pay for by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. Good morning. It's 11 48 Traffic and weather on the eights to Rita Kessler in the W T O P Traffic center is definitely taking a while for the Bay Bridge to recover from the broken down vehicles. As well as the work zone that is still on the eastbound span of the bridge. Right now, the eastbound span right lane of two blocked with the work. The westbound span is now running again. Two way traffic and there are two lanes westbound to ladies found getting across the bridge. But because of all the earlier activity westbound 50 slows near route ate all the way across the bridge. You're eastbound 50 delays or before Whitehall Road trying to get onto the bridge as well. Eastbound 15 year 4 15 Parole is a report of a wreck South on 97. Farm Road overpass had been the scene of a medical emergency. Now in Virginia. Callers checking in the Opal area South found 29 15 near us 17 or Opal Road, reportedly a crashed there. Traffic maybe stopped. You may be under police direction there that delay continues to grow. But if you're south bound on 29 15, that's going to be the reason why you're stopped. Also in Virginia on North bound 95 the delays coming through Fredericksburg so before Route three, headed to the Rappahannock River at the Bridge. There. There is a lane blocked with the work route One might not be the best alternate because North bound root one is slow headed across the Rappahannock River with the work zone and an intersection under police direction. The D. C Board of Elections encourages district voters to use one of the 55 ballot drop boxes. Located throughout D. C. Find all of the drop box locations online at d c. Bot dot org's That's d C bot dot or GE. I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p traffic. Let's check in with Storm Team Forest. Lauren Rickets Damages are just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. Loaded mid seventies. It's a beautiful day. Thanks to a high pressure in charge. We have clear skies right on into the evening the sun.

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