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I think I better let it goes another TKO. It's grown folks news. I just got shields. Santa's teddy, man. Oh barbecue ribs. Teddy pentagram that the wet juicy barbecue ribs, not the try. Yeah. Fingers out new. Yeah. A lot of Brown liquor. You make an face. I don't like Brown liquor though. I saw you drink three old-fashioned Dan data do, but that's. Amy. Tale cocktail money Hennessy or crown Royal or Johnny Walker, you know that Brown liquors in an old fashioned. I do it's glimpsed, but it's been in sugar. Brown tequila, tequila talk. Kasit it. I don't think repa- silos consider Brown liquor you full taking dot com. Battaglia? Right. Well, it's Brown and it's liquor. So by definition is different. From about this stuff y'all during we were. We were go again. Yeah. Y'all drinks scotch and all. All right. I do too. I usually Borodin's good bullet just bullet neat Rier bourbon bourbon. Yeah. Both good run. All right, alcohol professionals overview. So I know we're going to do roll-call later on. I got a guy this weekend. And that said to me at one point I like how much you guys talk about drinking on the show. It was great. If he only knew many program job in. All right. Antonio Brown is a raider. They finally got it done. It. Look, Jon Gruden has done a lot of crazy stuff. And maybe this was just him backing into a good deal. But the raiders got a really good player and didn't have to give much to get it done a third in a fifth round pick to get him to come in. I mean that sounds like a huge win for Oakland. Very laid going out in a great player coming in. Yeah. But you gotta take it in and look at it for the full body of it. Now, it's a two year deal. Okay. They gave up a third and a fifth which is not a whole hell of a lot. When you trading for guy, the fifth round pick is a pick. That will make some teams when you go out of John gruden's, you know, a fifth round pick could make team the third round picks. Absolutely. You're going to make the team. Antonio Brown's there for two years, maybe three maybe Logan in that. But two years for sure because of the money, they gave him thirty million dollars guaranteed, which essentially is the same contract would a little kicker that he would have received from Pittsburgh, except the guarantee portion of it is really all that matters. Pittsburgh was no guarantees. So he wins the raiders get a player that they need at the receiver spot because they got rid of Amari Cooper. But they're not ready to win yet in because they're not ready to win yet. How much of a difference? Does that Tonio make if I'm gonna Pittsburgh Steelers though, I wouldn't have traded him in? I I to train them at all how to letting just sit out of just did that. Better than nothing. If he's not if he's not gonna play if he if he's going to pull a Levy on Bill and say, I'm not playing isn't something better than nothing. Yeah. But I'm not gonna allow him to force his way out. I'm now. A now I'm not talking like a player. Now. I'm talking like. Yeah. I I get a front office. Yeah. Them's is like those me. Because usually the ones that's doing always the number saying, I would have paid him the two and a half million dollars of March seventeenth in let him sit through training camp in find the heck out of him and get the two and a half million dollars back, and I'll just let him sit in every time they come in. I just find an interesting point, though, that's all when you look at Khalil Mack. And let me get to the free agent market at thirty two years old Khalil magnet Dhammika, sue and Tony Brown..

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