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Stops, there's always shell to help you make the most To stop you need to make. Speaking of stop. Most MBA fans were stopped in their tracks when early in the game between the Mavericks and the Clippers back on Friday night, That would be game three little bit of an altercation between Luca Don Cheech and mantra as Harold, the latter of whom might be the end of a six man off the year. They got into a little bit of a Ted O. Ted and it really elevated When herel appeared to call Dante. It's a quote you ready for this key? It's early in the morning at 7 48 a bitch ass white boy. I believe that could be the highlight of my career. I've just uttered bitch ass white boy on national radio. Then on Sunday, they sort of settled it. They embraced it. Mid court wasn't a huge deal. This is what Doc Rivers had to say. After the game, and you could kind of understand what he's coming from. Considering where we are. You just have to be careful River said. They were both talking. I don't think Luka was saying anything racial, but he was swearing, so they both were doing it. It's an emotional game. It's a playground game out there in the playoffs, the most important thing here I said to him, Hey, I don't think you meant anything racially by it, he said. White boy, But I don't think there was anything racial intended, but we're in a very heightened climate. And you have to be careful on the other side. Jay don checked, responded quote, no worries. He wanted to squash it. In fact, he didn't think was a big deal on his end. There's a lot of emotions on the court, especially this is the playoffs. Sometimes you say things you don't want to say he apologize. I respect that. So no problems. He even seem surprised when Harold came up to him because he didn't think it was a big deal at all. So that's the backdrop to comment on Friday. The reconciliation on Sunday and everybody has weighed in and you wait in over the weekend as well. I did I, you know. First off this whole think Yeah, I'm really glad that we as African American men have this platform on this radio station to talk about this. It bothered me and let's have a real conversation about it. There's a lot of other things that bother me, too. But considering that we just celebrated Kobe Bryant's birthday the other day, I live my life. I try to be better. Everything I do everything I do. Being a husband being a father calling out all injustices. There was another black man killed last night in Wisconsin. That's an issue as well. Is it as high priority as the mantra scare heroics, you know, But I'm going to talk about everything. We're talking about everything here. So for me to go back in my mind is watching it just because it was something that was done on the court. Like I played basketball inner cities. I've heard people use terminology like that growing up. It was acceptable back then. But it was never acceptable, right? It was something that was said doesn't make it right. No, doesn't So my thing is, I want to bring attention towards it because I went to the point that in this heightened climate With black lives matter on the basketball court and off and off with a guy like Luca, who's wearing equality on the back of his jersey, right for all people, knowing how many of my Caucasian brothers have stepped up in the midst of black lives matter and talked openly about the way black people were treated. Even if it is a knee jerk reaction to go back to that moment. You can't do that. We have to preach and be what we want in the world, right? And my thing is, you can't say things like that. Considering that a guy like this is it was just tough for me, man. I get it, you know, But I also understand how dark is relaying a message to his player. I agree with that, too, when you are in a situation and heated moment. It. Believe it or not, in J played basketball at a high level of me, But I've also been on the court with white Dews, black booze, all sorts of different nationalities. And when you're out on the court, you say, start being especially you getting cooked. All right. When you get in work by somebody, it becomes a heat of the moment. Now he should apologize to him, and he should have never said it because it makes us as black men look back because the first thing people started quickly would say, well, he said. That is it is it if we could call him a black something, something sound? Viewers say if Luca would call him, let's say a bitch ass black boy. That would have been a really big story. If Luca would've said Bitch ass black dude, or whatever the case may have been a bigger story. There's no Just about the chance of culture quickly lost. All credibility is not fair at all. But I think when you look at it as a whole for so many years, it's just being put in this situation for for years on top of years of watching things take place where guys getting gunned down in the streets and all that. It's not right, but I think When you're looking For some reason, the benefit of the doubt to a degree is given the Harrow when they really show. I agree with that with it really shouldn't be. It should be a situation where he apologizes in Lucca is like he's probably being called names so many times, man because his skill set is such so really you go backto with Larry Bird, Larry Bird. It was a disgrace and disrespect you put a white doing here. So imagine when a white dew is cooking and doing we supposed to do on the basketball court does is looking at him in a just ready to snap. All I'm saying is, Let's call out everything waiting. Call everything. If there's something that's wrong, regards a black or white. Let's call it for what it is right. He shouldn't be wrong, but it was wrong for you. It's like I never said that Montrose. Harold was a racist. Those words never came out of my mouth. I think Montrose Hells is great. Do we actually have a whole lot? Is it about? I don't hear a whole conversation about it on the M B. I G. All I'm saying is that I didn't think it was acceptable. Do you think people think he's a racist? No, I think people jump to that conclusion, and here is also problems. There's also the problem. You know, people owe you like a cone. And that's a problem. People called me a coon on social media. I'm not really because you're speaking up for what's right. Move on. Are you a cool know? So don't even worry about it is that they know that's why don't we do that, though, because people are stupid. To say things that cannot read Z.

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