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Saturday August. Eleventh twenty, eighteen. Coming up on KCBS and intentionally. Set southern California wildfire that raged. Way too close to homes has continued to grow with very little, containment good morning I'm Peter Finch KCBS news time is twelve thirty one CBS news update there's no terrorism, suspected in, fact the FBI, sees no additional criminal activity following the theft. Of a commuter plane Friday, night at Seattle Tacoma airport the. Air National. Guard scrambled interceptors the stolen plane crash a short time later point belong to horizon airlines chief operating officer constants found mule approximately eight PM one of. Our two. Four hundred, airplanes. Made an unauthorized takeoff from seatac airport We believe it was. Taken by a single horizon air employee, and that, no other passengers. Or crew were on board it, was believed killed they don't believe that he had any formal pilots training but just to give you a point of background for what I've. Understood from people who knew and worked with the man who took the plane they tell me he was part of what. They call, in ground services operations part. Of a team KIRO TV reporter Gary, horseshoe, CBS news update I'm Tom Foty KCBS news? Time twelve thirty to. A stunning, development in the ghost ship criminal trial yesterday as the judge decided to toss the plea deals for, both defendants, the judge's declaration shocked the courtroom, where family and friends. Of the victims killed were in attendance for more, on the sentencing hearing, KCBS Doug, sovereign and Patty. Rising talked with KP, five correspondent Melissa Cain Melissa how unusual is it for Judge to toss a plea deal oh, well Abby said stunning. This was absolutely a shock to everyone in the courtroom, may be a relief to sell maybe a problem for others that it just almost never ever happened I remember this is a plea deal that, would negotiated by a judge a judge Jacobson who was the initial hearing judge. Who worked really really hard to get, the defense, counter defendant's council. And the district attorney to this, place and then to explode this very very carefully crafted a plea deal is just real extraordinaire Melissa you're an attorney or lawyer and and. You and I were both in this courtroom at different points during this case but how weird or unusual is it to. Have one, judge agreed to a plea. A plea deal and then another toss, it, out at the sensing hearing That's the other part that's really unusual. Meanwhile cert- remake the courthouse Christmas party awkward with one who worked so so very hard and I guess after. Two, days, of hearing and. Then Mr. letter to sort of not passing muster I mean Kramer must've been really really. Motivated to do this because he really put a lot on the. Line and risks angering a co worker and the district attorney's office which as a criminal a criminal court judge you see all the time, really upsetting a lot of folks that he's going to be dealing with an ongoing basis. So he must have felt very, very compelled to do what he did today for one understand, Derek almond one of the, defendants who was going to spend nine years in prison he wrote a letter a really. Long letter to probation and then he did make testimony in the courtroom today the, judge found that, he was lacking remorse that was for his written comments My understanding, is based. On the letter where. He basically described. Himself, as a victim in, that letter and it's not unlike what his attorney has been. Saying I mean you've interviewed Mr. Serra consistently said that the real perpetrator here is Oakland and their. Failure to inspect properly and that, his client is one of the real victims in this case so it's maybe not surprising the letter reflected what his what his attorney hasn't, arguing the whole time, but I'll tell, you the person here who should be really upset is my heritz because this was a sort of a joint deal and. So if alma doesn't get the, plea deal than heritage goes out the window to and there's no indication that he was anything but remorseful and appropriately Sutton with this deal that. Was KPI five correspondent Melissa king KCBS news time twelve, thirty five while thousands of a struggle to get a. DMV appointment one group of Californians has its. Very own DMV office the sack Sacrimento be reports there's an, unmarked DMV office in the legislative office building near the. State capital, in Sacramento it's for members of the legislature members of congress legislative staff members and various other elected an appointment officials the office is not open to the general public it's not. Known how wait times at the secret DMV office compare to the offices the rest of us have. To deal with reporters notebook I'm Stephen Portnoy at the White House the president says NFL players are quote added again kneeling during the. Star spangled banner be happy be cool Mr. Trump urges find another way to protest he says if they don't stand for the national, anthem players should be suspended without pay and. He went further saying protesters are demonstrating outrage for something, he says most of them are unable to define surely those who kneel. Could explain why they do it to call attention to. The way People of color. Are seen in this country in the eyes of those who. Enforce the, law saints defensive end Cameron Jordan responded in part only one way to say it what a goober I'm Stephen Portnoy CBS news Some knowledge belongs. To us and us alone The way our girlfriends walk Way they talk Way they touch. Their year Tells the system can. Know about her girls The ones that cherry with us every day Can you describe him when everything's right We feel when something's wrong With artistic girls Knowing.

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