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Oh, yes. We must. Hi, everybody. I'm Peter Travers. And this is popcorn where we tell you. What's happening at the movies? And there's a terrific movie out now called on the basis of sex, which is about our own Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, the notorious our BG Palade by and I have to say this. So you're Felicity rose Jones, Phyllis rose Hadley. I can I can only do three. So I want. The, tori. F R J. I like it. From now on so sitting. Thank you. Just never been in any box. Climbing out than you after I'm Jin Ursa rogue one I think I'll just play Ruth bid against. On this is me. So are you to hanging out now? Yes. Yeah. Come. Yes. Why was just thinking that respect against bike has the false. In her say, there's a continuation. She's comb Star Wars to on the basis of sex. There would be get Kevin bacon. She wars all the time. Yeah. Yeah. We well. She was involved from the very beginning. She a nephew went and all his own because his nephew Daniel steep woman wrote the screenplay, and he said Kenai, would you mind if I'd screenplay about your life, and she said, well, if that's what you want to spend your time doing then go ahead. So he took that to me. Exactly, which is cheap to AVI. Jeez. Very very dry sense of humor. But and then he yeah. He took that and run with it. And write this beautiful script about my husband. Love to see the moment where he submits script to the Justice. That's a scary. Yeah. Well, no, go. It was exactly that. Yeah. The Justice Ginsburg gave meticulous news bang each draw. But there were so many dross, eventually, she just said, I would you would you mind giving it to my daughters. Jane, then carried on reading the you know by the time it was sort of twentieth. Drawl so, but it's much been been a family in in bringing this this this film to the walled did you with you You know? know, people would say, well, we love you to play her..

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