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Are we done the over one? Odu crushing. It was for. She hours rose. We're gonna stop by to remember that like gun. It was probably like a top five rapper now and the game like was driving by and came in and it anyway, nonetheless, go ahead. I don't want to give tangents fluency Germans of. Jason Smith, we've mind. Dan, Gilbert that was remember influence journey. But when I'm curious how has the movement because especially the poverty, or is the latest nuclear to be launched in July. It felt more like movement than anything. We've done was. So many pairs by comparison. I mean, look, I think look couple of things one. I can't tell you. How much excites me that your your tonight? If you're planning to flip the sneaker, you got like, I I mean that right? We didn't make that many pairs. It's super hard to get that like if you live in Australia. I'm watching what's like to me. This is so full circle. Like, I grew up going to dollar stores. Like if it was like if I was a kid today. It would be sneakers not baseball cards because that's the baseball cards of today. I love that. We're part of this project where everybody's winning right? Like K Swiss is winning. I'm winning because I've proven to a lot of people that I had the ability to transfer my brand into something. But the people that are actually fans of my work like the thought that somebody is going to be one hundred or one hundred fifty dollars in profit off this and get the see me, and like at the hang like that pumps me up like a lot of people who were doing stuff or like hitting me up. Like, why do you encourage a why are you happy that people are buying your shit and flipping? I'm like because they're making money, and it was funny. Like, it's been really interesting like confused like don't you feel taking advantage of them? Like, of course, not like if I felt take advantage of we'd raise the price of two hundred bucks. Like like, we're in control like we like, we can do what I'm gonna fuck we want like to me to me, if there's something very positive about the thing, by the way, all the people that fucked up and sold crushing it. 'cause there's only six hundred. Pairs of it. They fucked up because let me just make it perfectly clear to everybody who's planning on buying these and selling it and only making one hundred dollars in profit. I over the next five decades and going to go on to be disproportionately impactful human being which means that the sneakers that are so seated with me way back when in two thousand eighteen are going to sell on the EBay of the day thirty years for four thousand dollars a pair, and I'm gonna make fun of you for only making one hundred and profit. So he's with wins shoe palace wins. You win on your short term hundred dollar flip. But the five or ten homeys who I'm watching from afar who are stacking up. And getting all the payers and flip it and seven years for a thousand of payer. They're going to win two and the motherfucking adviser for thousand pair in twenty twenty-five she's gonna win too because I'm going to keep fucking winning to make sure that when she flips it in twenty thirty for three. And so to me. It's actually how I think about prep though, currency. I think eventually the blockchain is going to be were reputation traits..

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