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Stephen. Welcome to the show. Bill San. Here we go. Let you know what happened. 10 Chico State. Last November, We rented a four bedroom house with three other boys and their in their family for the guarantee that I don't have any jobs, so both names are on the lease. We did it in November. Deposit down took over the lease starting in June. He was there for a couple weeks found out there was a suicide from one another student. The previous tenant's last April hole in his room, And so he's freaked out. If I'd come get me out of here, I can So I called the property manager. Before he moved down and said, Hey, I want to know somebody ever died in the property. We heard a rumor. She sent an email. We heard a rumor about it. We never looked into it. It was like, Wait a minute. Your job called. The Police department verified. A body was recovered in April. Told them you guys are in violation of silicone 17 10 dash too. And, uh, we're moving out. Can we legally break that lead? G? You know, when I went to law school, it's the class Stop that 17 10-1. And I I wish I had gone. You know the next day? Yeah, you could break the lease. The gala's really clear on that. Well, you know what that has to do with home purchase. And I don't know about that. Except Reynolds. It's okay. Okay. Yeah, I know. There you go. 17-1. Ah, maybe the purchase and to maybe the rental but the bottom line If he does extend the rentals, Hell, yes, the laws really clear. And I take them to court and recover the everyday. Why would argue? Yes. Because they have a duty to inform you. They have breach that duty. I mean, how do you hear a rumor that someone kills himself in an apartment that they're renting? Because you know when they trucked out the remains. What did they do? I mean, they knew there was a an empty apartment. So how do you not know? So Yeah, I think I would argue, but and I think there's emotional damage. On top of that. Because Oh, yeah, yeah, because your son is pretty flipped out about it and end Yeah. Yeah. They moved him out and brought him all the way back to where I know. I know I get it. I understand, And I think the problem is, I don't want them to go after the other families, and that's what she's doing. Going up the way we were going after what other family There's three other voice in the room for four bedroom house. Well, then we all signed individually. Okay, so all you want to do is okay for you. So you're moving out because there's an individual lease unless you're responsible when you signed a lease, or you're responsible for the entire rental It's probably worth it. States an air of anybody reneged on the rent. Oh, yeah, they're okay. Joint. Okay, joining several. Okay, So here's the deal. Ah, the leases either broken or not. And if someone stays in the lease, you, Khun break the lease. But then there is no lease. And if everybody stays there, other than your son that becomes a little bit of an issue. Because it's still being rented. So it's one of those you want to talk. Talk to a landlord tenant attorney because now we're getting pretty specific as to how the law is interpreted, and I did that. He wrote me a letter and he said They're trying to fight that you read the Bible Code says no positive action could be brought forth a landlord or property manager. But the way you read that paragraph One before three years. You have to tell people here. They don't write. No, I understand. It's a three year I get that and I know that and I understand that, And that's why when you told me it was last April, it was within the three year period. So you clearly followed in the three years. But let me ask you something. If the law says you can go after a rental Then how is it that the law also says the property manager that could be held liable or the owner of the rental, so it's totally contradictory. Because the way he broke it down. There's the one prior for three years, and after three years, the paragraph saying no Cause of action, I understand, but it's been within three years. Why? What does he arguing? No. Exactly. Yeah. No, It's just Yeah. Everything. Yeah, he's just blowing smoke. And the answer is yes, I would talk to a landlord tenant attorney, and there may be a very good cause of action as to emotional Ah, even well, if not negligent and necks, Elin, negligent infliction emotion. Address, Maybe even beyond that, So I took it real quick or other demented. You guys sign this last November. Nobody had died in the property yet. So you'd already signed a paper. I said, Yeah. They were still In the program, but you had moved in. You have moved in, so they had to inform you as as you move in or before you moved in. They're not going to argue that or they can. They're gonna argue everything. I mean, obviously, they're trying to swim their way out of it. But I think you have a good case. Landlord Tenant attorney. Absolutely one of the more interesting cases and you go to handle on the law dot com Because we have some eso you went. That's where I go. Mark..

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