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Focused on the life of an Tom avai born on April eleventh, nineteen thirty in Chicago, Illinois as a teenager. He spent his time at carnivals and circuses working as a musician and lion tamer as he grew older. He developed an interest in the occult. We also covered the founding of the church of Satan on April thirtieth nineteen sixty six and organization centered around rational freethinking and disdain for the hypocrisy of Christianity. It's members were sceptical atheists who advocated materialism and individualism in this episode will focus on how the church evolved as Antonova became more popular, particularly among members of the entertainment industry. We'll also look at his loss of control over the church and examine why some of the base followers, abandoned him finally will examine how the cult is faired since le's death in two. Thousand one. On February first nineteen sixty seven less than a year after the formation of the church of Satan and tunnel bay was asked to perform a satanic wedding ceremony for two of its members. John, Raymond, the groom was a politically radical journalist. Judith case. The bride was a New York socialite and daughter of a prominent attorney due to their notoriety, the wedding became a huge news item on the day of the ceremony reporters and photographers from newspapers all around the world gathered at the black house to witness the event, it was considered so important that Joe Rosenthal. The photographer who captured the iconic shot of soldiers raising the American flag on Iwo Jima was assigned by the San Francisco Chronicle to cover the wedding the crowd was so big that police were forced to cordon off the area ever the showman. Anton Levin rose to the occasion using his knowledge of dramatic presentation and stage magic from his carnival days. He created a spectacle. Designed to thrill and shock in equal measure in the video footage of the ceremony. The couple is seen standing before an altar upon which lies the nude red headed woman. Anton avai dressed in a black Cape and devil horns waves a sword over the couple's heads as he pronounces them husband and wife in the eyes of Satan, the press aided up they dubbed, Anton, the black pope, and he was inundated. With requests for interviews before long magazines were doing in-depth cover stories about the rising tide of satanism and its figurehead Anton Levin around this time, new members were drawn to the church some of them famous Barbara McNair, the actress and singer was in attendance at John, Raymond and Judith cases wedding. It's unclear how seriously McNair bought into the satanic ritual element. Perhaps she saw this as a fun unique piece of theater. Nonetheless, Antonova seemed to particularly. Enjoy the company of those in the entertainment industry, and this highly publicized event was the beginning of a relationship between Anton and Hollywood that would last for many years Vanessa's going to take over on the psychology here. And throughout the episode. Please note Vanessa is not a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist, but she has done a lot of research for the show. Thanks, greg. Anton le'veon's desire to be part of the celebrity world makes sense since that world is especially welcoming to narcissists in two thousand six study. Dr drew Pinski and Mark young studied two hundred celebrities using the narcissistic personality inventory. They found that celebrities are seventeen point eight four percent more narcissistic than members of the general public the constant attention and adulation that celebrities receive on a daily basis would be pure fuel for the narcissist during this period. Anton Levin came into contact with someone else of note few. Future. Manson family member Susan Atkins in nineteen sixty seven Anton was curated event called the topless..

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