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Could be the Saint Louis blues. Here they are a winning the sand. Like what, what else on the show tonight? We got we got a lot going on here city Chicago, coming after me Justin. And as they should and I talked about it last night. I was in and. And and, and karma. Just just came flying at me today. So that's going to be a thing, and I, I got thoughts on the women's soccer team. So writing up thirteen zip and I also have a real life, wedding crasher coming into the show. He'll be here after eleven o'clock. He he Google weddings this weekend, and he went over to the high with his roommate, and they did the wedding crash. The whole thing in the pictures at the end of it. I mean sat down had dinner. So I just think it's, it's, it's radio radio worthy. Ethan blue bells coming in after always entertaining. I have a good show. Thanks, appreciate it. Let's get to some news here here. The sounds that matter the top five at five. From the Rokon show and ended taste. Weekday afternoons on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart, speaker, user, just say, play WGN radio on two hundred ten o'clock news. Sponsored by Chicago crypto capital. Here's done Clinton. Thank you, Mark. It's fifty eight degrees. Some light rain still coming down at O'Hare the group behind the animal abuse videos at northwestern Indiana farm released. More video today, the founder of animal rights mission. Richard Kudo says the owners of fair oaks farm bay responsibility, not just for the three workers charged with animal abuse,.

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