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Two one nine because as a great topic how about Farrah Fawcett in the made for TV movie extremities I was never a fan of hers until that movie she was transferred to transform from a bomb shell to a real woman you could relate to her character I'm extremities was not a TV movie the TV movie that she did was burning bed extremities was a theatrical movie I'm that's where she takes the would be rapist and hides end and jams and into the fireplace James Russo is the with a would be rapist intense yeah based on a play she did the stage version of it they made a movie out of it but the you were thinking of the TV movie as per is the burning bed where she sets the bed on fire because her husband is away it was a B. I think Paul le mat Paul the man from American graffiti and then of course Melvin and Howard one of the greatest movies ever made was the abuser in that movie and then she set the bed on fire based on a true story so extremities was theatrical burning bed was was made for TV and in both of those movies she did strip down the you know the the whole bomb shell you know Farrah Fawcett hair beauty kind of a look Hey Nick trucker Ernie here transformations world about demi Moore shaving your head and getting buffer GI Jane she got plastic surgery for striptease did she give us specifically for striptease and even know early on pregnant for seven sign seven signed really one of the stupidest movies ever made you ever see the seventh sign I was in its in its Apocalypto movie you know normally I like a park mall punk look those an actual movie that's a Mel Gibson movie which movie I I love that movie eight one five very causes about into Michael hall in the movie Johnny big Johnnie big you ever see Johnny be good now was yeah Johnny be good with where he played like a a high of a high school football star we can you know like a bad **** quarterbacks but he got bumped up a little bit for it this is in the eighties this is like right after the after the succession of John Hughes movies that he did yeah so he thought he could do no wrong in the dropdown junior sent to Paul Gleason from breakfast club is also in Hey he's being courted by a bunch of colleges to be in as good a football scholarship so it's about him going from college to college you know trying to figure out the Thurman's first movie really yeah she plays she plays his love interest I was also John Hawkes isn't as a as a pizza delivery boy and it it's it's one of those deals where like it's it's it's it's he's in one scene and it's one of the worst scenes ever and it's John Hawkes you know like pre go T. like he's very young and it any place a pizza delivery guy and he had he gets like pepperoni all over his face like a slam a pizza into his face and and they show this clip from time to time to embarrass John John Hawkes now that he's you know like a really adored in an amazingly talented actor they showed a clip from Johnny B. Goode whenever it is an unbelievably terrible movie but you know what movies even worse there any Michael hall directed hail Caesar not to be confused with the with the terrible Coen brothers movie that's another movie I don't like is hail Caesar best thing in that movie was the scene where ray fines is given direction we're see what ray fines is given the line reading to who is the do the dude canning Tatum yeah no no no no no no no no no no the other the other guy the guy with the cowboys is the he was like a lead in the use the lead in the movie that ray fines or three postscript if he can come I can't remember the guy's name but that's the it was the only seen that movie that I just I've let I laughed my **** off during that scene the rest of the movie I could not stand was it Alden Ehrenreich yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the other guys seem console yet again please Han solo in solo right that guy anyway we when ray fines is given him no one if you remember the scene I'm talking about yes he's he's giving aligned with the line is he's given on the line with the only thing I laughed at the entire month of that movie was terrible but anyway hail Caesar with a better one directed by Anthony Michael hall and it is ridiculous and with Robert Downey junior's in one scene and it I'm in it I this is one Robert Downey junior in this came up pretty late so the Robert Downey junior was in in the in the middle of getting of self clean so he's only in one scene but in Johnny B. Goode I believe there was a lot of substance abuse going on in that movie but yeah how about Chris Pratt now Geller guardians of the galaxy yeah I like like I like my Chris Pratt I like I said before I like input G. and goofy yeah I like a pudgy goofy and dumb basically I like Gandhi that's the that's yeah that's that's what I thought when I think of how much I love Chris Pratt it's always been it's a it's always handy you know what's your name the the who's married to again previously unfair on affairs yeah I saw she released a memoir like a book and the forward is by Chris Pratt no there there I think it yeah he just got married yeah you might want to the wedding really yeah no they're good they're on really good they're fine that's met and they also because I think they have kids together too so there the other to their their remaining friendly that's good yeah yeah yeah yeah I was sad to see that I was sad to see them break up because I love both of them when I was married to the Arnold Schwarzenegger in our four senators daughter she's yeah but but yeah I know when I was sad to see them break up because I like them both so much because they're both so funny and likable now yeah and I was also sad you wind up because I like it when to really talented and funny people get together because I'm like oh well they're going to have their offspring is gonna be hilarious and awesome and I you know when I felt that way about on a Ferris and and and Chris Pratt I don't know the people but that's just the public me on my perception of them but I was very upset when will Arnett nimi polar broke up very upset because there there's you know all right every time I every time I I I I think of will and that I think of then then then it meant I think of the final countdown is every time job did one of his magic tricks he did so **** up but not tricks Michael there is usually all right let's take a break here we get the news coming up.

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