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But it was all very good and it was all, you know, it was all fantastic. The company was fantastic. Everyone was awesome. And it was a great time. And, you know, we love those friends of ours very closely. And so it was so overall it was really great. I'm just, I've never seen the flag. They have little flags with the letter V on it. I'm sticking out of like most of the items. And I was like, are these virgins? What is this? Okay, so my wife's family is super super Christian. I mean, her like, you know, Trump's Trump supporter, guns, you know, anti. Only those two things are not mutually exclusive, okay? Not all super Christians support Trump enough guidance. But it's funny because they're like grandma's Mexican Trump supporter, born again Jesus. Morgan Christian. And actually at my Dora's birthday, she was there, and she asked my friend glows out. She goes, can I talk to you GloZell and the grandma was sure? He goes, she goes, how do we get Adam to find Jesus? This is what they're talking about at my three year old's birthday party. Like, you know, like, how do we get me to find Jesus, right? But this time it was okay. I mean, they're really nice, beautiful, you know, they're really nice people, but they're just they're just funny. Like Tori spelling was at my birthday party Tori and dean and their kid. And then you know, I was like, hey this is my great. This is violet's great grandma, blah, blah, and Tori's like, I want to be my great grandma. You know, like, just being nice. But then I got a call three weeks later from her. Look, Adam, can I have Tori spelling's phone number? Because she said she wanted me to be her grandmother. And I'm like, absolutely. There's no absolutely not. That is not exactly like she was just being nice. Like that's the last thing they need right. They have enough issues with their own family. They don't need our issues. But that was fun though. It was nice. We saw like deer and I had a dog and it was like, but like, you know, Anthony Clark used to have a joke. If you have one day to live, go to, I don't know, something Hickory, North Carolina, because that one day will feel like 27 years..

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