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Look at that if i've been fooled by guys and in shorts before and uh yeah that's an issue now it it's going back and we'll and watching all the tape that really a and the coaches copy away from the you watch a game on tv and sometimes you get caught up in the right the excitement announcements and yet to ask staying on quarterbacks you ever told chad pennington just trying to throw a little bit harder slick distrust there a little harder now i he threw a very catchable law let's go to a very active guy has no armed strength tuesday catchable ball it was a very different can catch i loved app that's what was what about brett would you are would bread ever leica the whole myth of bread pharmacy drop plays huddle would he ever do that and you'd be like come on man like just not ways that we call with bread is more like we don't have to take all those cancer and lead to taking on slinger he had can we take a percentage of the chances that were taking as opposed to every single opportunity a rare for throwing something into in a tight coverage me can we just dial that down a lot with debts gunslinger you win with a constituent you you were younger than breath five rent uh yeah as as a younger more hip guy were you like hey brett uh nobody wears crocks uh you know at that point when you invest as much as we didn't bread he could wear would every line you in his long loves yeah rate uh you my my best part of the recruiting process so initially i was not board with bringing bread in okay all my kids have have football middle names so jake is jake harrison after rodney harrison in a rodney cher missile love near championship game really had a good relationship with them when i went to the jets were a luke was being born so he became luke luke william uh after bill for the influence he had so when i was talking to brent i said hey each one of my kids have football names based on someone who's impacted my football life and i think you're gonna have a huge impact on my football life i'll name the i'll give middle name brett too.

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