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Now what could be surprising well well what could be stilted about that well with just hard on the floor there could have been no curry no durant you don't know who's not floor for the other okay that's fair you also don't know the harden of the forty seven minutes a lot of those minutes could have been in garbage time making sure paul's off the floor i'm not familiar is to win heart win those forty seven minutes of only harden but what a night in houston last night jj sitting next to j t pretty cool j watt and timberlake sitting there courtside akeem allies you on there and it came has seen somebody go for eleven from three and play off game and houston away all i don't want to give away that yet but i mean a great night for houston charlie morton another great performance he's now seven and for the astros who beat the absolutely pedestrian indians right now they're twenty four and twenty four the indians but that's still good enough division and shawn watson back on the field running around like a deer looks like an ot as that's exciting the say so with all that going on we had a call up our friend john maclean and say you wanna come on and he said ma pleasure my pleasure rich you would love that clayton's the vast now you're wearing a blazer today right i'm wearing a blazer today because the men in blazers are coming here in our number three.

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