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Fresno Yosemite International Airport police say a seventeen year old girl climbed a fence got behind the controls of a small plane and started the propeller however she didn't get very far the plane crashed into a building and fence authorities found her in the **** pit wearing the pilot's headset she was described as disoriented and uncooperative there are no injuries and investigators say there is no ties to terrorism her motive is unclear but it's always possible she watched the movie airplane can you fly this plane and landed surely you can't be serious I am serious and don't call me Shirley Kevin trip K. A. B. C. news officials have issued another warning after three children with the measles passed through LAX last week according to the CDC the three children are recovering after being hospitalized in Denver which they traveled to from New Zealand health expert Dr Kelly victory says contagious diseases like measles can spread rapidly starting with just one person at an airport in maybe twenty five people of all the people at LAX came in contact with this kid but those twenty five people get on twenty five different airplanes and then proceed to expose all the people on that plane it is a vector of unbelievable magnitude the way for these things to spread the anti vaccine movement and the rising volume of international travel threatens to revive measles here the disease was declared eliminated in the U. S. in two thousand Dr Kelly victory was a guest on the morning drive I'm Jeff Whittle K. A. B. C. news a groan beaten to death at his wedding reception is being mourned by friends and family Joe Mel goza was found in an alley shortly after two brothers showed up at the reception looking for alcohol and relatives held a vigil in his honor last night his widow says she finished her first semester to becoming a nurse this week because she says he pushed her to follow her dreams the two brothers accused of killing mail goes to remain behind bars an E. cigarette maker jul is facing yet another lawsuit over under age vaping the lawsuit contends of the nation's largest manufacturer of fake products intentionally marketed to students under eighteen Dr Kelly Bowers the superintendent of the Livermore valley school district about thirty miles east of Oakland says educator see the impact of Jules team focused marketing efforts every day jul has been accused of using youthful social media campaigns and flavors to lower teens most of which have been stopped Jill maintains it never marketed to teens and call the accusations baseless the Los Angeles police commission wants more feedback they're looking for additional com comments on a new policy regarding when officers are justified in using deadly force a new law signed by governor museum establishes that police officers may only use deadly force when it's necessary the commission will accept comments from the public an LAPD officers for thirty days after which the commission will take two weeks to consider the comments and possibly make adjustments to the policy talk radio seven ninety eight ABC sports Lakers loss to the Pacers snapping their seven game win streak clippers eclipse the sun's king skated by the Bruins ducks fell to the flyers in U. S. C. battles I ally.

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