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I'd like to talk to you for just a moment about what's become our favorite college in the states where they gave me an honorary doctorate I'm proud to say and I was just so happy to accept that and in a dress the graduating class at the time was really wonderful because I know what they do at Northwood university we've been going up there for years now for their auto show in the fall you get to to meet the young people who are studying for their other business degrees and they know that when they get in the north with that they're going to be taught all of the important facets of the becoming a successful business person and there's so much involved in that these days what do you want to start your own business or work for somebody else which is started school like Northwood they'll put you into your your your major starting the first day that you're there and you're taught by professors who come from the real world these are people with business experience themselves they've been successes out there they're sharing how to look at the opportunities and how to also take advantage of those opportunities when they present themselves in what's become a global market place Northwood university it's where people go to learn business they are serious about it north what they have been for years it is just a wonderful wonderful academy set ups in the woods of Midland you'll absolutely love visiting there as well and if you you want to take your son or daughter up there to give them a look well I would suggest you take them in late September early October during the student run auto shop you won't believe your eyes which see if that order show that they have it's the largest outdoor Auto Show in the world is put on it north would university so north waters where you'll meet people who are working for some of the biggest companies on the planet because they were aggressive Northwood Amazon dot com of the like you know that's where they work and they come back to the school they talked to the graduates they talk to the students and you you're able to pick their minds of the best business ideas it's a great place Northwood university in the way you get started is visiting their website right Northwood dot EDU that's Northwood dot EDU find your true north.

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