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City has cleared six camps at city parks, but not City Hall Park. Way, asked the mayor's office will the tent city that exists there be cleared soon. Spokesperson replied At this time, a removal date has not been set and outreach is ongoing. They're just trying to protect their territory. Richard Weisberger was homeless sympathized with the campers than a month ago was brutally assaulted in the park. He's now surprised with the city's patience is absolutely amazing, and phenomenal that there's an allowance that this can happen in view of the fact that there's a whole bunch of homeless weeks. In contrast to other public buildings, people are subpoenaed and summon and forced to come to the courthouse unless the city takes action outside the courthouse staffers say, the well being of people inside Is in jeopardy. Given obligation to provide a safe place for the public to come and do their business and it just don't feel that we're we're meeting that obligation right now. In Seattle, Matt Markovich Cuomo News Come all these times. 6 14 traffic and weather every 10 minutes on the force back to Kierra, Jordan and the dupe in law Group Traffic Center. We're still working with the crash in Puyallup on eastbound 5 12 east of Meridian. This is blocking the left lane. And this is why you're sitting in heavy traffic from about 94th. Working on 167, often on slowing out of Sumner into Pacific and then again is your traveling out of Auburn toward to 77th will also be seeing delays between 180th and four or five. Now it's brake lights on north bound four or five from state route 169 through the Newcastle area north and I five has been crowding through Tacoma City Center, and then we have often on slowing out of federal way and in deceit tax. Seattle's looking busy between Michigan and Seneca. We also have a stall in Seattle South and I five near al bro, and that's currently blocking the right lane. Our next camo traffic at 6 24 traffic sponsor this time by only or throw your orthopedic surgery center in the South, Sound offering outpatient joint replacement procedures eliminate overnight and multi night hospital stays. Stays heal faster at home. All the Ortho has your back your knee your hip, You get it all the Ortho calm your life and motion are Cuomo forecast Partly sunny skies and some scattered showers. Today high about 58 degrees a little warmer tomorrow with a decreasing likelihood of.

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