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Yeah it's terrible i spend far too much time married stockholm syndrome at this point now it's it's going to come something we're like we send you win as a rat to like infiltrate this organization but that you got into deep and now you're likely to become a fully entrench casual hit rosal shudo on broscoe it will be there champion donnie brasco all right let's move on to our final coal take your thank you jeff schwartz for that one final cold take more rupert and that's it what it how cold is this take oh who doesn't want more rupert um did he didn't show up as the reward where do i read this israel yes driver israel path right okay a key liberace thing what did you watch vhs is up survivor israel in your in your preschool no nobody we can find some of the day but it's a been has like has has gone full circle um you know where now and say i don't know i don't know is it a is that a cold take do we think that this the cold take by definition are a lot of people saying more rupert yeah yeah i i don't know i don't i think that that that time has passed so i'm gonna go with a four okay a key von what about you i like it i think uh i i think you probably see this every single week on the facebook page on a thumb giving the slate.

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