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Then right, grabs her only suffering minor injuries. After his car was rear ended this week. The officer was in the left lane of I sixty four in the east end when John O'Malley of Mathews county hit him a Molly was charged with reckless driving pertinent that you make sure that you move over. And if you're not eligible to be able to move over cultures other oncoming traffic at least slowed down significantly so that she can pass safely state police sergeant Kelly HALE a Hanover firefighter was struck and killed working an accident earlier this year rain continues to be in the forecast for the rest of the day might just be enough to push twenty eighteen into the second rainiest year on record. December by any means and tomorrow, we even say mount as well. Temperatures in the afternoon look to reach sixty degrees. But good news is we'll see some sunshine tomorrow NBC, twelve Megan wise, if we don't break the record today, and we're right up on it at this point rain is also in the forecast for New Year's Eve as well. So looking very likely the partial government shutdown drags into twenty nineteen President Trump's acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, says there's been no progress in negotiations to fund the government an end a partial shutdown discussions have broken down. We do expect this to go on. For awhile Mulvaney, says Democrats have not been willing to budge on President Trump's funding for a border wall. We made an offer last Saturday night. They told us to that. They get back to us by the end of the week. They got back to his last night and said, we're leaving Democrats have offered more than a billion dollars for border security, but that doesn't include the border wall. Mark Remillard, ABC news. Homeland security secretary Kirsten Nielsen at the southern border today..

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