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The route one hundred westbound twenty nine north bound that crash was on the right side of the ramp but it should be clear Iraq under investigation between Clarksville in Ellicott city one away blocked both ways about midway between Trotter wrote in Harper's farm road route fifty east and westbound traffic moving well through Billy and apple is foggy above the Chesapeake Bay bridge but no delays reported between the eastern shore and Nablus in prince George's county a crash on two twenty three Piscataway road near temple hill road is causing delays both ways on the scout away road in Virginia sixty six westbound broken down vehicle after one twenty three is clear north bound George Washington parkway before one twenty three the crashes clear some slow southbound traffic toward the key bridge outer loop is heavy from the toll road past sixty six the gallows road no delay at the American Legion bridge or Woodrow Wilson versus rush hour is ending early once again south bound three ninety five some slowdowns between the Pentagon and landmark but here too the pace is gradually improving rush hour on winding on ninety five only slow now from south of Lorton across the arctic wind river and a reminder back in Maryland at the westbound two hundred the ICC will remain closed for a couple more days between route one and I. ninety five as the upgrade the equipment on the overhead gantries but two hundred is open for business between ninety five and two seventy DC police tell us that he's found on the southwest freeway near the waterfront there is a disabled vehicle reported crowding the edge of the freeway heading from main Avenue and with us some slow traffic in down for the fourteenth street bridge Mercedes Benz the best or nothing visit N. B. USA dot com or your local dealership to schedule a test drive today they were told I WTOP traffic will have lows tonight falling into the low to mid forties but there is a drizzle fog in a few widely scattered showers with cloudy skies otherwise as well could be an issue tomorrow.

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