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G mail dot com. You can tweet us at Tamla at Ps or at very bad wizards. You can leave a comment on Facebook. You can go to our Instagram. You can also if you become one of our patriots supporters, you can also communicate with us there which brings us to the second way which you can support is that we really, really appreciate, and at least hamblur has done some good work in giving the promised bonus content. So Tamla you recently released three, three hour episodes, our episode breaking down, twin peaks the series, but especially the latest season and fire walk with me. But certainly it was great. It was. Yeah. Did I mention it was with Jesse, Graham Natalia, Washington, the philosopher insight, college, or philosopher and psychologist from Utah, both big twin peaks fans that were as obsessed with it as I was, and it was awesome. I really enjoyed that conversation and we got, we might do another one we've are. We're already in talk to do another one based on a series of questions a couple of which have been asked by already by our listeners in response. So yeah, it's been really good feedback. So if you want to be able to listen to that, you can become a patriot supporter those. That's where two dollars per episode supporters, and we'll do more of those. Hopefully I can catch up. Let me ask you really quickly how important is fire walk with me, crucial. It is. So I gotta watch that not the. It's it's arguing that might be as best movie like it's amazing. Eraserhead. So if you would like to support us and listen to the bonus content, you can go.

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