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Cases of covert yesterday and over 104,000 Americans are hospitalized. 2600 deaths have come at the hands of the global pandemic in frontline health workers and officials are shocked. I've been in nursing Over 25 years. I've never seen anything like this before. Public health experts say they've been stunned by the dismal trajectory of the virus over the grueling nine months, and they never expected the nation to be in his battle position as it is right now. November broke records that December is already pursuing my power for 7 10 w. O. R The FDA could give the green light on five years covert 19 vaccine as soon as tomorrow, and military officials with operation Warp speed say they're ready to get the vaccine into the hands of pharmacy within hours after approval. Fizer, Kalamazoo The trucks will roll right out of there to the nearest airports and will begin distributing the vaccines across the entire country to locations that the jurisdictions have requested. That's lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski. He's the director supply production and distribution. Pentagon today will unveil its list of WHO will get the Fizer vaccine. First. It's no surprise that military health care workers will be first in line for the Pentagon's vaccine allotment. It's the same for civilians. What is surprising is the Pentagon doesn't plan to make vaccines mandatory for all military personnel, something that is required when any of them deployed overseas. So far, it's not clear why some top older military leaders will also get the inoculation to encourage younger troops to do the same President Trump and his allies losing another court challenge to the election results in Nevada Supreme Court ruling unanimously that the Trump campaign failed to demonstrate any serious flaws or errors and trying to overturn the results of the presidential race in the ST. Joe Biden won Nevada by more than 33,000 votes. Police identifying the remains of a badly decomposed body is a Bronx mother, who's been missing since last year remains found in the Bronx alleyway this July were identified as 47 year old Rachel Lopez. Her daughter had reported her missing in September of 2019. Police have ruled the woman's death a homicide and believe she suffered blunt force trauma to the head and may have been burned. They're putting out a picture of the missing woman in hopes of tracking down a suspect and making an arrest. Jennifer Belzoni. W O R news workers that in upper Manhattan to Pulp DeLay say they've been fighting a losing battle against hordes of hungry rats. Rats have long been a pesty problem in the city. But workers at a chipotle E. On Broadway near one 69th in Washington Heights, claimed the situation is particularly paving what began with rat bites and avocados grew to a protruding pestilent population, scaring workers out of the basement when rats ate through computer wiring, making it impossible to take orders. The place was closed November 23rd. The company says it's the victim of a pest problem plaguing the area and is working with the landlord to ensure complete rat eradication before reopening Alice stacked in Rosine E W O R New No. Three. Now a check of traffic and transit. Here's Bernie Fighter. It's still real slow on the westbound side of the cross Bronx but starting to ease out finally you're down to about a 30 minute. Wait jam back from Castle Hill Avenue heading to the George Washington Bridge. This is all because of earlier construction. That we had on the grounds of the Henry Hudson Parkway that was jammed up all morning long heading through the Bronx, but again start to shake loose a little bit on the West Bank Cross Bronx, not the case on the hunch North bound by the drawbridge. There's a question taking out the left hand lane and in New Jersey, between Franklin Lakes and Mahuad, 27 North totally Shut exit 59 2 away up to exit 66 for route 17. It's a police investigation. This report is sponsored by the extra Gion Temple scanner. These may be uncertain times. But what is certain is that every family needs a reliable thermometer. Protect your family with the extra Jin temporal scanner..

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