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Eugene. Daniel's thanks for talking with me. Thank you so much and make sure you've been bengazi comeback. Eugene daniel's is a co author of politico playbook which you can sign up for at politico dot com slash newsletters also today new polling shows that unvaccinated and partially vaccinated americans. The people who are most vulnerable to cova are the least concerned about the more contagious delta variant of virus according to a survey from. Cbs news seventy two percent of fully vaccinated respondents are concerned about the variant only forty eight percent of not vaccinated or not fully vaccinated people are the delta variant has caused rising caseloads in all fifty states predominantly among unvaccinated populations in nearly all recent cova data in the us have been among those who are not vaccinated and german chancellor. Angela merkel is promising. A stronger government response on climate protection after the deadly floods that have ravaged parts of germany and neighboring countries. Speaking during a visit flood-stricken areas. On sunday she said quote. The german language knows hardly any words for the steph station and we have to hurry to fight. Climate change. climate scientists have long warned that extreme weather events would increasingly hit europe as the world warms. The recent floods have claimed the lives of more than one hundred eighty people across germany and belgium. Subscribe to politico dispatch. Wherever you get your podcasts. And while you're there check out. Some of our other shows like playbook deep dive and politico energy. I'm hearing me sequel. Thanks for listening..

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