Health Insurance, Clemett, Appalachia discussed on Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart - Declaring opioids a public health emergency won't solve the crisis. Here's what will.


An hiv and all these other healthcare concerns are all gnarled up into the into the same pot of issues absolutely jonathan you're absolutely correct i mean i think that what people don't realize is you can't put as some of the congressional proposal suggested a pot of money for opioid treatment alone i mean without the affordable care act because um about forty percent of people who are addicted to opioids also have a mental illness such as depression or anxiety disorders a significant proportion have hepatitis c um some we'll have hiv others may get hard infections or respiratory problems as a result of their opioid use this requires comprehensive health insurance you treat the addiction but then you have some other illness and if you don't have this the funding to support it you don't have the insurance to get holistic care you're going to relapse and so i i think that it really underscores the importance and also in states three out of ten people getting addiction services are on medicaid and three two states including the district well the third wednesdays industry of clemett did expand medicaid but there were significant number who didn't experts italy in the south and they're not getting treatment and again we see in appalachia in new england in the midwest pockets of opioid addiction also hiv mean this the south is a a and the new epi center for the for for that epidemic and and uh and each and hcv as well so.

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