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Exhibit on six seventy the score the cubs beat in the giants five three to kick off a three game set Anthony Rizzo launching two homers of his own Jonathan Lucroy the go ahead RBI single in the fifth goal handles the winner six hitting three Ron Paul Craig Kimbrel nails down the save in Austin Louis beat Milwaukee ninety for maintaining their half game lead in the NL central the white Sox get outscored fourteen to one of the final six and a half innings they fall to the twins fourteen four sacks virgin given up three homers were not a Lopez allowing seven runs three which earned in six innings of work to manage in a Homer and a double who's a very with two run shot the football and all eyes appears practice today were on Kyle long after a nasty fight with his last week the veteran guard apologizing for his actions moving for the bears anticipate less infighting and more development from some of the key guys like Mr misty with more double to be I'm Jeff Johnny clock ticking on getting metric you ready for the opener against the Packers here's what Matt Nagy is looking for preparing this quarter the anticipation now that's by the biggest key word for for him as we go is trying to predict when balls and come out I want his vision within the place now known exactly where my eyes are going when I'm standing back there behind him if I'm looking to write he's looking to write from looking to the left he's looking to the left his answers to me one night when he throws the ball somewhere why did you do that and if his answers good that those are the things I'm looking for Comiskey turned twenty five today and enters its third season children high expectations for a team built to contend now but still needing growth and production offensively and house sergeant Uniacke newsradio one of five point nine FM checking your receiver Anthony Miller remains out of practice as was Lyman shard Howard who's sidelined with an injured elbow basketball this guy beat the Dream eighty seven eighty three double to shield seventeen point to the wind I know how for the bears Kevin Japanese radio seven eighty one of five point nine FM I believe seven.

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