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All right? Back to work. We go 12 minutes before the top of their by the way. The fellow that called with the vanity my friend Marty wrote me. Little bit information on it, he says. It sounds like a mill Pride brand. Um, Main Southwest Ohio. Uh um It's probably ballpark three quarter inch sturdier than particle board. He's probably better off getting a piece of lamb in it and covering the edge Trim. I don't know when we talked about that, But anyway, if he wants a new unit, the Cabinet Department box stores have semi custom that come in stock sizes, plus or minus a few inches. And, uh, he concedes that with the +23 inch filler for the front Good idea. Just something else to go by. If you can get something underneath that, uh, 17 inch even a 15 inch in and just trim it out. You know, in in from both sides that may work well. All right, let's get back to the phones and Royce. Welcome. Well, hello and I enjoy your show. Been listening to it for years. We traveled along on Saturday morning. Distant family. And I enjoy. Well, thank you. Here's the first two years ago we had Michael Storm in north Florida where we live. We live 50 miles from the beach. By the way, if you ever on jeopardy and you have this question 50% of the people in Florida live within 50 miles of the beach. I didn't know that it is their right. It makes sense. It is very good. You never, you know, half of the people living Near the water. Anyway. Our house was destroyed by five with the storm. So it's taken us a year to build another one. And we put the Renee Rena not whatever that is thankless hot water here here outside. And they said, Well, you realize it's gonna take a while for the hot water to get to the other side of the of the house. Well, it takes a long time to get it looks like about 15 ft, but that's another story. A plumber in town. Who's a friend said We might could try a recirculating pump. Whatever that is. I'm I'm a musician, by the way, so no clue. No clue What What does that do It? Is that a possibility to make the possibility and he knew it was a tankless one correct. Yes, sir. Yes. Okay. Yes. So I'm more familiar with using recirculating pumps on, you know the regular standard water heaters with the tank. Um and I wasn't really sure you can use that on a On a tankless but what it is, is it this recirculating pump? Basically just Reese turns it on sends the water in recirculate, so it's more like water on demand. So those pumps maybe around 33 $400 a couple $100 to put him in, usually, but that would be so they exist. That's great on the price. That's great. All the private Listen, when you pay big money, we build the house, So we know the process trying here yet, he said that it might could put a timer on it when we didn't just go kick it on when we want to use it and get some recent, so I actually have one of those on my house. But I don't have a tankless. So I have a The pump. I still remember it's it's manufactured. It's a grunt throw G r u N fr. Oh, and there's a timer that basically sits by the water heater, and it starts recirculating. 6 a.m. to wade am mainly for morning showers. Don't need it any other time because that other shower wouldn't be time that way. So it just starts read recirculating and cross mixing. To get water on demand between six and eight in the morning where we were living in the part of Florida, North Florida there where we still have septic tanks and can't get it any other way from where you live. Not outside of town. But I thought that when when you're putting water into that septic tank, and it's just water waiting for it to get hot, sooner or later, you're gonna dilute. This is my music degree. Speaking for me, the water's going to loot the point where it's not gonna be real effective, and I'll have trouble on down the road. Yeah, well, this isn't going into the subject Inc This is literally recirculating and being reheated. Right? Yes. So that's all. Take him problem, right? You are so good. And your show is wonderful. I appreciate rice. Thank you much you sir. You bet you bye Bye. All right, and, Ah, David, welcome. Hello, David. I'm thinking David's not there. That's just a guess. On my part. Danny, let's get to John John. Welcome. Gary, Can you hear me? Yes, sir. Okay, I got drunk. I thought a lot of thinking about the time you came on. Just bought a huge dining room set on the legs on the table and territory. They don't have the lag bolts and screws into the woods machine bolts that Not that hold them tight, Okay? And I have trouble with nuts backing off on right after I got it home. I haven't got it set up in the house. Yes, right after I got home one the love boat, huh? Come out of the table leg and I'm wondering, Would you recommend some kind of a blue or something to put in their toe? Keep those votes in there? Well, let's zero. It depends how it Look, Let me ask you a couple questions. So the leg has like a Dow Screw is cruising the leg. And then there's a machine screw at the top, correct all the way through the leg cruise into the table or the chair frame. Right and that nut up on the frame of that table. That's what's coming off where one of the lag bolts it actually come all the way out of the table leg. Okay, Back in. I created back in my hand. I have trouble with them, but the nuts on the bottom of the legs of the table boat. Okay, pick it up. I noticed several of the nuts or lose that the machine. I said hold him on with that. I'm wondering. I'm thinking about putting some locked tighter. Something like that. Well, you know, if it is, it would table with a doll screws so I would look at doing Uh, you know, a good, you know, lock. Not usually, Orlock tide is usually metal. The metal, um you could put in like a little. The gorilla glue in there. Um, get the non urethane s. Oh, it's the clear and it doesn't expand, like the urethane put a couple drops in their torque that down. And then it the top. Um I don't know if it's like a peanut where it's got a housing for that nut, and it's it. The top of Ah Ah ah would brace and the threat of part thing goes through the other brace and you can screw it right in. But not since about machine like this, uh, screwed down against a couple of plant washer than a lock washers. Okay, And, uh, but I'm warning about putting some glue some kind of adhesive on the black bolt in a sec. If they have. I have troubled him coming out. Okay, I see what you and so that's where your backbone Yeah. Okay, So that's where your loctite would fit is on that, but not cold. I'm sorry. I misunderstood and then maybe they're grilling. You want a map, but I'm wondering about putting something on the leg bolt and and something on the machine. Both Agenda boat so that nuts don't back off in the boat won't back out of the out of the way. So when it's metal, the middle, use your locked tight. Okay when it's metal toe would like that.

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