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T._v._d. Year ago but as far as you know this the plan all along though i think this is something zone kinda requested going into this fight with surrogate of tanko well according to the stories obviously the her brothers were still involved with gennady for the disowned deals. Yeah that makes sense to eddie couldn't get involved but once it looks like one triple g shook welcome. There's the merger with i think honestly i believe it has to do with you know his own wanting eddie and place then it'd be into plan all that that's just my personal view i want your opinion on this fight coming up this weekend anthony art and so in your personal and there any way that arche lenders fight or is he is he like my house was in over his the liberal before i i. I'm picking sorry a call up to win on points. I think there's a good chance that ah you're winning upset. Though i don't count that at all the thing i like about it is yard and on his very outspoken training. They've been scouting sites for over a a year. I mean they demanded you know a ringside presence to for homeless fight with a later alvarez last year but the first fight they saw something called. They believe they're exploiting voice. You know whether or not that happy. Obviously you know we'll find out on saturday. You know mike you for something else. Then you can exploit that certainly didn't happen but <hes> i love that confidence <hes> <hes> this is the fact that have been on the radar for a long time and the kind of playing with house money. I mean 'cause even anthony your loses this weekend and certainly not gonna ruin is very limited damage career. He's still you. Oh so very young as a pro. You know you can come back some lost so i i. I think he's in a very good position this weekend. Well i mean i don't know i. He thinks he's gonna go position but he's still picking cova win by decision. Yes absolutely yeah yeah. Co- call is the favorite. I will say this though i mean anthony on absolutely absolutely have to fight for title this weekend you take the form the set went seventy five i give him the best shot against cold left but i wouldn't necessarily pick any other three outright against public once you put those four like in a in a format ornament ornament so i i it doesn't match up. Although i mean you know the three times that <hes> called love is lost. Its andre ward is an all time grades. You know olympic gold all medallists two division world champion later hours had a very deep <hes> you know amateur career. He was well credentialed as a light heavyweight contender. So obviously you know that's why he's only lost two. You know the very best anthony autism on that level but in the second fight reward and even the first site with alvarez you know it was the right hand. That really turned the fight around. That's where it kinda got away from code levin. That's that's yard home yards. Best shot us land up big right hand at some point in this right. He's probably going to give away early rows and that's very dangerous against colville but yeah he's he's not gonna win the one. That's going to work at your table. I think he's going to give a very good account themself saturday. Was it interesting any for you to hear. Brian custer kind of say like oh zone is overpaying when that was the knock on <hes> ah brian terrific he he does i mean and he's well more diverse than in the business side of this then i am so i'm going to defer to his wisdom. I i agree with with a lotta points that he made but it's yeah like you said you know when h._b._o. Was still running things. Everyone's planning that overcame. These guys are not getting the right fights mismatches on all these networks so you know p._b._c. The only ones that are kind of you know rationally paying directly and everyone else. That's all the time so all the time. He's always been a big problem in this what the h._b._o. Priced out all of the networks back in the ninety you know and you know people complain that you know we weren't getting good..

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