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Boys with only one parent allowed to visit each of them and no physical contact but they plan. To present the whole group to a public news conference later today where they will be allowed to answer questions. Which have been screened by child psychiatrist to ensure that they don't distress, the boys after that they will go back to. Their homes and families although they plan within the next ten days to be ordained, as Buddhist monks for short time a tradition for males in Thailand who've experienced misfortune Google, is to. Hear shortly whether it's the face a record fine in Europe over its Android operating system the European Commission, has said that the US tech John's mobile device strategy on fairly strengthen its internet search service Susan, rob is a barrister in London who specializes in e u The commission Cam fine up to ten percent of worldwide turnover in fractious finds rarely reached that level but it's expected that this, will be a significant finding comparable to the fine that was imposed on Google in another case involving alleged abuse of dominance around its it search and shopping sides I think what is really interesting though will be what kind of corrective measures the commission might impose President Donald, Trump has said he accepted they conclusion by US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the twenty. Sixteen election despite declining to do so just a. Day ago Mr. Trump said he had misspoken in Helsinki on, Monday just after he met the Russian President. Vladimir Putin and had mentioned to say that he saw no reason why Russia would not meddle in US affairs. His, original comments on the matter to a barrage of criticism world News from, the BBC a US grand jury has added a new indictment to at least of charges against a, Russian woman who was arrested on Sunday Maria Bettina who lives in Washington is accused of acting as a Russian government agent while developing ties with US citizens and infiltrating political groups the offence. Carries a maximum sentence of ten years imprisonment she's expected to appear in court on Wednesday Burton has. Expressed. Concern after police in Hong Kong. Asked for a ban on a small political party that campaigns for independence Hong Kong secretary for Security. John Lee said he was. Considering the request to outlaw the Hong Kong national party it's the first time such a ban has been sought since Britain handed sovereignty over Hong Kong back to China twenty one years ago when the residents. Of the territory fear Beijing wants to water down its special status Security forces in Peru. Have arrested over fifty people in the isolated jungle region of Putin Maiyo in the. First week of a sixty day state of emergency president Martin Scott said in a visit to the region police, and soldiers had found four laboratories of coca production local media, said most of those detained were from Colombia The official history of earth has a new chapter geologists have classified the last four thousand two hundred years. As a distinct period are science correspondent Jonathan Amos has more. Details geologists divide up the full point six billion year existence of earth into slices of time we, live in what's called the Holocene, but the Holocene itself can be subdivided and the international commission on strategic the official keepers of geological time determined the last forty two hundred. Years should now be called the mega in stage they say it's onset was marked by a mega drought. Affects of left a defining Mark sediments babies he news You are listening to the BBC World Service.

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