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Hit the highs, then I needed it to as often as I've expected to from that artist. And maybe feeling like, oh, he's going to go crazy the next time is copium, maybe he really is trying to push things around and change up the art. Can I ask just like a meta criticism question? Because it's something that was really on my mind as I was writing the review. Because we'll do critic picks sometimes for really impressive records. And I was like, I don't think I'm going to give this a critics big, but I was like, I'm so used to and Steven, your review is the first pitcher to review of a Kendrick record since section 80. That was not best new music. I was sort of wondering like, am I going to be out on a limb here being like, this is an imperfect Kendrick record. But it turns out that everybody felt that way, or almost everybody seemed to feel that way. Was it, was it at all strange to watch that happen in kind of real time? Because I feel like critical discourse sometimes can be blunted and dull, especially about stars of a certain caliber with a certain expectation. And I was like wondering kind of like looking at other people's papers a little bit like, okay, is anybody going to also say this? Or am I going to be floating down here alone? And then it turned out we all kind of could have just, you know, more or less filed one review because we all mostly thought similar things. I mean, I don't have any heroes. That's right. That's right. I'd say it louder. Say it with your chest. Say it with your chest. I listened to the music that I respond to the music. You know, I did have high expectations, but they expectations didn't make the music. I wasn't in the studio. This is just like be hoping it's good. If it's mid, it's mid, you know? Yeah, like I didn't come in thinking I wanted anything, but I was like, yo, what if we could hear Kendrick talk about XYZ? And he wanted to talk about fast and angry tweets. Sometimes, you know, you have to go through that stuff. And there's a lot of people who are in their hard headed area who were in there on rejecting the thing that everybody wants me to do era and we're getting a lot of head ass records because people are pushing back at. They're the public perception of themselves in ways that shouldn't matter to them. I get it, but come on. It's been 5 years now. Let's get past this. It's not just happening inside the confines of the Kentucky record and I feel like that we're talking about cancel culture and all that stuff and like deliberate transgression stuff inside the Kendrick record and music, this area is so tainted with that mindset that it's even got into like that. I don't know where do people stop worrying about whoever is not trying to hear what they say. In pitch the whole record pitched the whole show pitched the whole special, whatever the thing that you're making is to the people who want to hear it, you know? It does make me wonder that energy that, oh, they're not ready for this conversation or I try to have this conversation and they don't want it. Is that kind of like a proxy discourse for, hey, I tried something and for the first time, it's kind of not hitting. So it couldn't possibly be not hitting because it's bad or because it's unappealing. It must be not hitting because of what I'm talking about, and because they don't want me to talk about it. Sometimes when you hear Kendrick or like Dave Chappelle or whatever, like griping about someone like this, like sometimes I'm just like maybe the material's not hitting. It doesn't have to do with these other kind of like big picture thematic cancel ideas. Maybe it's isolating in their branches in their mansions in their beaches and listening to the people who are telling them they agree with them and yeah, they're just everyone is everyone's head is just so far up their own they're like, it's really exquisite to watch every single person go through this. Every famous rapper from a surgeon. It's Elon Musk telling people he's going to vote Republican now. It's just like it's everywhere and it's like annoying and like I'm very tired of just that whole thread. You can't even call it a thread. It's the whole rope to what you're talking about, John, with a lot of the records that have come out at least in the past two years. I think we're really getting a sense of who these people are in the context of not having a world around them to just adore them or whatever. So we were all listening to celebrities in the pandemic, where it's like, you know what? Why can't I say what I want? Why can't I say it? It's like these guys are actually just like rich jerks. But wait, wait, wait, wait, but there's been some slappers that have come out during the pandemic from the same rich jerk slappers, rich jerks. No, that's my new Spotify. If I catch my constantly updated Spotify playlist. This whole Kendrick record was like, how funny would it be if he just got yeet on one track? The raft that has blown up most recently, I feel like is so much closer to where people are. And I think you're hearing a lot of these kind of former stars of the genre start to feel a bit threatened. It's like, does Kendrick have a lot? At this point. But here's the thing, that is true and that's been, I'd say that's been happening since 2010, but the Earl sweatshirt album also very insular, but really interesting, from really this year's sick. That's also in a very heady space in this space of the Vince record. It's possible to be inside your head and also make records, like people are doing it. Oh, for sure. I think those are two good examples of people who aren't going to be Drake or Kanye. Right, but also vintage someone, Vince is someone who also has a less imposed upon moral presentation than Kendra. He's Vince has more latitude. I always feel to navigate. Then Kendrick seems to have. Oh, yeah, sure. But he came ready to wrap though. I feel like I at least respect that. Well, guys, again, it's a joy to talk Kendrick with three people who will never lose touch. Steven, Jeff Craig. Steven are they cussing you for the pitchfork review? Yeah, I have my mucin filters very established. I caught three days of smoke for pimple butterfly. So like, just know that it'll always happen, it's not necessarily just about you. They hate whoever is in the seat. I appreciate that. I mean, can confirm. That's our show. 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