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Of the election six days away, But first a check from the Este Insurance Traffic Center. Good morning. Still seeing those turnpike extension North found delays approaching candle drive. Those Don't East battle is approaching. I 95 slowdowns on the palmetto Approaching Northwest, one of third Street That's heading south Found Brian Kenny and mostly smooth ride. You're seeing some 95 north vandalize in Deerfield Beach. You're next update in 10 Minutes news radio 6 10 W 80 to Pompano Beach and also 82 on Key Biscayne. It's now a 31. Florida is above the 4000 mark in new Corona virus cases, nearly 4300 reported yesterday and 56 additional deaths. Meanwhile, Bethune Cookman University is canceling all their sports for the remainder of the school year, the university announce, said it will not play any sports in the 2020 2021 school year due to a surging covered 19 spike. School's president, said in statement that the move is out of an abundance of caution. The school is currently on lock down this after 15 students tested positive for covered 19 between October 16th and the 21st. Ethan Cookman is scheduled to move to the Southwestern Athletic Conference next year. You know the Florida football programs dealing with more positive covert 19 tests, multiple reports show. The Gators have six new positives in the past week. Bring the total number of football players to 37 since the start of October. This comes after ninth rank Florida returned to practice on Monday after an outbreak caused the program to shut down for two weeks. Tone. One Gators are scheduled to host Missouri this Saturday and the Dodgers winning the World Series for the first time in 32 years. Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, though, did not see the end of the team's World Series clinching win against The Rays 321. It was announced on the broadcast afterwards that Turner had tested positive for Cove in 19, leading to his removal from the game. Commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed the positive test. In a postgame interview with Fox. Turner was replaced the third base by Edwin Rios and was not on the field for the post game celebration that is Dean Mutual reporting. Take 33 6 days before Election Day. The early voting record keeps getting bigger. More than 71 million Americans have cast ballots by Tuesday, far more than the 58.3 million early votes in 2016, and the number is more than half of all the votes for president four years ago. A disgrace a lie. That's how a White House spokesman is describing new claims about the president's personal business is benefiting from all his travel since taking office at the expense of taxpayers. Since taking office, President Trump has made 300 trips to his own hotels and clubs like Mar a Lago. The Washington Post says those trips have given his private business is a big boost to their bottom line. According to the Post. The business is charged for everything from ballroom and golf cart rentals to candelabras, decorative palm trees and pricey bottles of booze, all to the tune of more than $8 million. The Post says taxpayers ended up footing the bill for at least $2.5 million. That is a B C. Cecilia Vaca reporting. It's coming up now on 8 34. And as we continue our in depth team coverage of election 2020 Google's planning to take action on Election Day six days away from now to reduce misinformation and confusion about the results. All election ads will be temporarily banned once the polls close. Facebook said earlier this month that it plans to do the same. Coming up on a 35 in the 61st annual Fort Lauderdale International boat shows making waves in South Florida starting today through Sunday. Thanks took over 19. There will be some noticeable changes this year, like capacity limits and online options For those who don't feel comfortable viewing the 1300 plus boats directly from the dock. Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis.

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