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Hundred. And ninety two point one FM. Welcome back to coast to coast Mitch Horowitz with us and your phone calls as well. Our final segment with Mitch Mitch do you believe that everybody has the ability to have ESP extrasensory perception that is a really wonderful question. One of my great heroes. J B Ryan who was an early researcher. He was skeptical on that count. He believed that some people were born with a natural ability, and it could be strengthened. But it didn't belong to everyone. I think if J B Were with us today, he would probably agree that there is some innate ability and everyone because there have been pre cognition experiments done recently. But my friend dean Raden at the institute of nomadic sciences in northern California. And he found that among a very wide range of subjects if you were to show people images that were either very disturbing like violent imagery are very arousing. They would events some sort of. Of physical sign of the image. That was to come just microseconds before it flashed onto the screen like maybe their sweat glands or their adrenal glands began to secrete or something like that. So recent research demonstrates to us that actually some form of the SP, even when it's very subtle can be found among members of the general population. All right back to the calls. Greg in Burbank, California. Hey, greg. Go ahead everybody either I have birthday coming up next week. And I started to reflect back in my life. Which is quite interesting that I wanted to share this incredible synchronised. Occurrence I've been keeping track of him ever since they started happening more frequently and I was going to talk to one of your guests. George Paul Selig. I guess yes. Oh, yeah. You ever had to actually take get through to do it. But he'll be back on my top three. Thank goodness they experiences. I'm here in Los Angeles. I went to a bowling alley one Friday evening at about eleven pm just as as I was entering the doorway. I found a wallet at the door of the establishment. I picked it up. Threw it it had a driver's license money some business cards. So I took it to the desk. Had try to pay the person you nobody came to claim it. I within the wall. There was a card from somebody connected with the Los Angeles Police Department. So I called the police I said his officer in because they found somebody he might know. They want. They said he'll be in next morning. So if you wanna drop it off he can get it to him. And I said, well, I'm here at a bowling alley. I'm I'm here to play the arcade games. Yeah. Next to the bowling alley was connected restaurant. Went to the restaurant had them paid for the person. And nobody came for it. So I said, well, I'm here at the Boeing I'm here to play. So I stay there till one in the morning. Is gonna do everything with that wallet? The next day as I'm driving home at one o'clock in the morning. I was about a block away from my house. I had a dollar left after playing the games. I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket. Picked out convenience store. Many stores there test stations all that pick out a convenience store. Bought a lottery ticket for one dollar and. Like to take it with me or do it. They're get it there. And it said I want a free ticket. Went back in line saying, well, I'm not gonna come back tomorrow for it. Go in in line two guys in front of me. We're talking to each other. And all I heard from one of them was it was just a wallet. I said Mr. so-and-so, he said, yeah. I said I'm your angel. Oh. I gave him his wallet. He's gonna buy you a beer said. No, I don't drink. But this is one shot, and what twenty million people in the city. At one o'clock in the morning. Isn't that? Bizarre. And at least he didn't say, hey, where's my two hundred dollars? I had in the wallet. All there. I believe it wild. But I I mean, I had been keeping a collection. George was part of two of them, actually. Absolutely wild. But eventually, maybe I'm considering going out and speaking about this was the guy in shock, Greg way. He was like, oh, man. You know? I. Well know when you lose it, and you're like. I mean, it's all weird license your credit cards pain, two to three hours later in the city of Los Angeles. Somebody finds you and he's got the wallet right in front of me. And he's an honest guy. Sure. That's the important thing. Hey, thanks, Greg. Appreciate that. That's a great story. Mitch. It's absolutely wild. Look at everything that has a lineup for that to occur. You know, he buys a lottery ticket you have this infinitude of possibilities loan dollar. Right. His last dollar. He wins a free lottery ticket and it gets back online. If he had won the free lottery ticket. He never would have circled back. Now. Let me ask you a gratitude question at the guy who got the wallet back. Yeah. Other than say, can I buy you a beer should he have done a little bit more. Well, listen, you know, I mean making a gesture like that is at least a way of saying, thank you. But I would hope that what that guy has done is. You know, we use the phrase pay it forward. It's such a wonderful phrase. You know, if somebody does something extraordinary for you do three such things do three such things, you know, out there in the world. This is how things multiply would help that guy said, well, gee, I'm gonna take half the money that's in my wallet. And you know, give it to a fund to help people who have lost houses in the fire. You know, something like that. Whatever way we pay it forward. Linda in Durango, Colorado is with us now. Hi, Linda, how are you doing great? I hope you are too. I am and I'm glad you're doing. Well. And I'm glad you Mitch that you and your family were able to get out safely with the flyers even with that. New York City, but thank you for the good wishes. Anyway, appreciate it. Thank you. Keep you continue keeping me all on my prayers. Thank you, very much whatever's going to ask about is professor languor. You you mentioned her earlier. Yeah. From harvard. Yeah. Thank you. That was part of the wanted to be overtime texture because of the my dad's got Alzheimer's. Memory unit. Well, so if you wanted to be able to get every you know as much. Have him be able to hang onto as much memory as possible while she worked with people Mitch, I don't know she works with individual patients. But if you put Ellen Langer aging study into any search engine, you will find her studies, you'll find some really excellent articles on her work. I don't know that she sees individual patients because she's a researcher, but Ellen Langer aging study put it into Google or any search engine and you'll you'll find the information. Okay. Good luck in the miracle club. Great. Thanks for bringing that up. Mitch first time caller, Sean in Rosehill, California's with us. Hey, Sean, good morning. Fodder to be on with you today. Happy thanksgiving. Thank you. They just wanted to say real quick before I say to Mr. Horowitz. I appreciate what he's saying. You've been a a friend to me and a kindred spirit. Even though you didn't know it for the better part of twenty years I worked mostly graveyard in law enforcement with my my three patrol over twenty years ranger scout. And jet. Like, I couldn't I couldn't always listen to you. But when we were in the car, and we were able to just be monitoring or things were slow. I was with coast to coast, and you and your guest and your listeners, and I really appreciate it. Thank you show right on. I appreciate what you're saying. And by I think, there's a great value, and philosophies and stuff, especially when it comes to politeness or just offer this one of the things that I've always tried to us over the years is that people appreciate and we'll value when you take enough of an interest in them, and even someone you just met to learn and try and remember their name and to pronounce it correctly, just something as as minute in some people's mind is just using someone's name when you're having a conversation with a mean so much. Yes. Yeah. That's a great observation. You know? It's funny. Some of these small things in life. They tap into so much the great philosopher William James made the observation that one of the greatest drives that we have in life is the drive to be appreciated. Just the simple drive to be appreciated. And so saying thank you to somebody. Were you using somebody's name as as you were just describing that satisfies something very deep in a person. And you have no idea what that ripple effect will be what it will be in terms of your relationship with them. How will come back to you? Or how will move on to other people simple things can make a huge difference. What did you think of the person who steal somebody's efforts in order to make himself or herself look better? Yeah. It's it's it's it's it's something that not only do I have a negative view of that. But there's a whole literature out there nowadays that basically teaches people how to be sneaky, and I disapprove of. You know, I disapprove of this idea that you get ahead by standing on somebody else's shoulders. I think the only pass to a power is a noble path. And I realized there are corrupt paths to power. But I think that they erode the inner life of the person who employs them. I don't believe in taking credit for other people's ideas. I don't believe in being sneaky. I don't believe in trying to intimidate or undermine other people. That's just not the kind of power literature that I'm into is not the road to power that. I want the fintech wrote the power is one in which you're able to see through your plans in the world without impeding. Anybody else's ability to do the same in their own life. We have Kathy in Winnipeg Canada now. Hi kath. Go ahead. Oh, hi, everybody. How's everything going down there? Okay. Kathy. Thanksgiving. Actually, Mitch this is the first time I've heard you speak, and actually I thought iphone in and tell you I grew up in a dysfunctional family, but too so it's use some bad experiences. I ended up burnt-out on the job. And and then I ended up studying psychology for ten years and changed my life around and it's been fabulous ever since. That's wonderful. That's wonderful. I've met I have a really super girlfriend who supports me. I have a nice male friend in my life who I'm learning from all the time. He's he's he's taught me some great treasures. And and then I have. And then I have another friend who helps me who's just just really a great guy. Just really a great guy. So I and people are basically nice people mostly then I was wondering have you heard of Stockton, Sean, acre. I have not no who is he Kathy. Well, he he got his doctorate out of Harvard, and he he did work in positive psychology. And actually, I don't know whether he's still runs it or not. But he runs the the Email healthy mind. Very well. And I think I sent you an Email about him, George. Okay. So far for the first four recognition of depression. But he he talks about psychology psych positive psychology is what his Geico's all about. He puts. I think he puts on the happiness conference. Have you heard of that not likely them? I don't think I have. But it's a great name for it. Yeah. Conference. Thank you know, one of the things I like about what the caller was saying is that sometimes people will be suffering..

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