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It's a dumb **** nominees shall we be given with not only a dumb **** but actually a Darwin award winner Virginia state police play a greyhound bus passenger got naked demanded to be let off the moving bus ultimately ran into oncoming traffic where it was hit and killed going back last Thursday night just before eleven thirty I ninety five in a Prince George county bus was traveling north when police say an extremely agitated band began taking off his clothes he then struck the front windshield cause it to crack the man deemed to be let off the bus the bus driver pulled over on the right shoulder the man exited runs across the street that runs into the on coming north bound traffic fatally hit by another vehicle the driver of the other vehicle said they had no chance to avoid the man it was a woman actually drive in a kia Sportage and I'm thinking maybe that was a suicide thank running up the oncoming traffic intentionally I'm suppose you dumb **** they will get back to the acute hearing centers dot com listener line just that I was gonna pick up Eskimo mom there but we only got about thirty seconds before news.

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