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Right exactly, so here's my question, so there was a camera operator on parenthood, and his name was Arturo Scuitto Afrikaner. Oh my goodness. Do you guys know Arthur Afrikaner now never heard of him. He's a liar. I've been friends with Arthur since kindergarten. Okay, good, good, good, good, good, good, okay. I think this could be abridged by which we can trust one another. It was he in a band with one guys when you were little. Yes, we were in a band, the young and the useless, the young and the useless. Okay, this is now now. I have a second question to build a further bridge was one of you married to wag sister. All right that's that's a little bit confused. Wag is gone. Wife's sister. Why is a good friend of both of ours? And he's married to Kim and Kim Davis her sister Director Trevor Davis my ex wife there we go I have been asked to advisor on what Polaris Razor to buy and so I've actually emailed with your ex wife. Having never met her, but slowly to guide her on road purchase. No, okay well then I should give you props because I. Don't know what your background is with the Polaris, but my teenagers go out to the house out in the desert where I said Polaris is. I mean my teenagers have taken that thing into the National Park birther untold miles and had had the best time. Yeah, I went through maybe five options. She really had I narrowed it down to one. I was really really involved and I'd always generally car. We're talking about an off road vehicle. Yes, four wheel off road vehicle, but unlike an ATV I mean maybe I'm deluding myself, but unlike ATV I think it's really safe. Safe because it's you're in a roll cage so as long as you don't have your hands or arms out like if you keep all your limbs within the cage. Yeah, you're going to be safe and you guys see that you probably can't see the you see those holes on top of my hand I rolled one recently, and got a bunch of pins in my hand, and then got him removed a week ago, but his hand. My hand up the number one thing I. Get in it. Okay. Do you guys feel closer at all to me? Are you people? So okay so quick Mike. You're in Malibu and Adam wear you. You know I'm around. I'm going to save by the fact that there's no detail behind you. My theory is you're actually in a closet that Kathleen has to in a closet. Room! I see a popcorn ceiling. There's. For some reason, why does it have cottage cheese ceiling Adam okay. I'm judging from the flora. Are On the West Coast. Fantastic an animal, you generally this cold and interviews, or is it just me or something about mean that's triggering your. This is just generally how you are. It's Mike. Mike on. The side of your. Just out of kindness and reciprocity where you I'm in Los Villas in an attic above a garage of a house. We've been building for three years and we'll likely build for the rest of our lives. Quarantine situation because I noticed that you are not six feet. You're not wearing masks. What's going on? have been quarantined. Yeah, we've been. We've been doing the whole thing together..

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