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Here's Eric Hagman for the penguins host Dallas just after seven Casey dismissed will be in goals hippie Crosby, we'll be raring to go after visiting the last three games with upper body injury. Over all the pens of lost four straight Tanner Pierce had acquired whilst week would love to get a witness a penguin morale still pretty good in here. That's huge. Down in the dumps yet. So that goes a long way, and positively I think. Oh. Guys have a long history of wanting here before. So it's it's definitely in this locker. All quick come together and Pearson scored his first goal of the season at Monday's loss to buffalo AT and T sports net has tonight's game. Exurbia Jones had made a go ahead layup with amid at seventeen left bit went on to beat Saint Louis seventy-five Seventy-three in Brooklyn. The Panthers are now six at oh Johnson. Scored a game-high twenty. A it to go with the first half of the valley invitational. Third rank on saga leads number one Duke forty seven thirty six Steelers fans showing their support of the Pro Bowl voting nine Steelers lead at their positions. James Cotter fourth overall the Steelers today transferred rookie pass rusher. All data to injured. Reserve designated to return he was back at practice for the first time since he injured his hamstring in the pre season, Eric Hagman, NewsRadio ten twenty Katie case sport, Eric I'm looking at the football schedule for tomorrow. Okay. Ray games? And I'm trying to find a game that a Steelers fan would have any reason to watch bears lions not much there. Right nothing. Right. Second game Washington. Dallas hall. That's Washington Dallas. But that doesn't affect the Steelers. Now you've got saints falcons. Steelers already beat up on the falcons, they played the saints. So maybe that's the one I don't know. Are you surprised? They're all NFC teams that are playing that one AFC team. And that is surprising. I I actually I didn't realize it until a few days ago. But usually you get a mix of AFC NFC not this year at all. Yeah. Somehow deciding to tell the entire AFC all those fans don't have any reason that really pay that much attention. Yep. Okay. All right. Thank you very much. Eric sports..

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