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Two thousand eleven on december six december. Seven that same year the talibans. The taliban regime collapsed and al qaeda was crushed. And i in the article eyesight one of the letters nineteen we. Muslims would defile desecrated in our state. Respect to sunder land occupied. A resources will plundered. This is what happened to. Shi is in general and to us in our qaeda in particular. It's a letter written in september. Two thousand four other letters speak in liquid from other letters. That's not they're not in the articles. A speak of colossal consequences of the nine eleven attacks. The americans response was beyond anyone's expectations. The crusader company was very severe. It was fully by confusion scattering in overwhelming chaos. Many people perished a lot of money lost and more so there's much more of this kind of language in in in the letters portrait then then is of an organization that was really hobbled in the aftermath of that is that right absolutely and we also learned from the letters that bin laden himself had to disappear out of the scene. And he didn't really regain come on al-qaeda and reconnect with his associates until two thousand four and during that time al qaeda senior leaders were either captured or killed. Initially they fled to pakistan and there they were met by a campaign of arrests. According to the letters some six hundred brothers were captured in those. The other is once they saw what happened in afghanistan. They had nowhere else to go and they headed west. They crossed illegally into iran. They did serve around february. Two thousand into They crossed illegally and they were held by some sunni brothers in iran to help them. Which id's and so on but by december that year the iranian authorities have tracked him down and they detain them. So you know this is. This is very significant when you have. The top tier is leaders except for for osama bin laden in among also now more importantly perhaps the than than all of this is that al qaeda's international terrorism came to a hope. The only other attacks kaieda was able to orchestrate off nine. Eleven was the two thousand and two mambas attack in november. And this was. This was an attack that consisted if two operations One attacked the paradise hotel killing about fifteen people. The other tried to shoot at an israeli allow. Just jetliner as it was taking off from the mombasa at preveza apple and it missed but the reason this attack was able to be carried out is because the planners for these facts had been dispatched from afghanistan in late..

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