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Good afternoon I'm Steve Scott three things to note for forty five one there is a demonstration underweight Foley square in lower Manhattan right now marking the fifth anniversary of Eric garner's death another rally is held to his schedule for Staten Island later on this evening to governor Cuomo slams the justice department for not filing charges against the cop involved in Eric garner's death but he wouldn't say a Papa Sir Daniel Pantaleo should be fired and three the city is open cooling centers ahead of those searing heat wave this weekend the mercury could hit one hundred degrees in New York City now it's four forty six on WCBS it will not be an easy pass in the Senate for the nine eleven victim compensation fund bill which has already passed the house at least one senator is putting up a road block on our news line Connecticut democratic senator Richard Blumenthal senator what can you tell us about what is happening in the Senate with the nine eleven B. C. F. bill outrageously and frustratingly one of our colleagues rand Paul of Kentucky objected to moving forward with unanimous consent to the nine eleven victim compensation it defies comprehension dad our colleagues any of them would object but that's what happened when senator Gillibrand and I and number of others advocated that we move forward unanimously senator if I understand Senate rules right what senator Paul is doing doesn't kill the bill but it certainly slows down the process to passage right that's the good news it slows down the bell but by no means kills it and we're gonna be crossing the Majority Leader senator McConnell to give us a boat as soon as possible a vote on cloture which tends to be a going through the normal regular order and making sure that the Senate fulfills its moral responsibility it's beyond just a legal imperative it's a moral responsibility as you understand it what is senator polls objection to unanimous consent on this trying to make sense of this hour again and unfounded action and I I am utterly baffled by it is really very difficult it may be it the fiscal cost but ten billion dollars which is the Congressional Budget Office estimates he is a tiny minuscule fraction of our total federal budget and it for anybody like senator Paul because we can't afford it my answer is we can't afford not to do it and if I would send a call a couple looking in the mirror tomorrow do you have confidence that leader McConnell will call it for a vote and it will pass it is an account said he's going to call for a vote I want to know when it ought to be all right away there's no excuse for delay.

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