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Out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. It's a 21 if you are planning on voting by mail, Maryland leaders say, Return your vote by mail application. Early after being contacted by the U. S. Postal Service about its quote operational capabilities for the November 3rd general election. Maryland State Board of Elections officials say they're working to make sure that voters have time to mail in their ballot applications and completed ballots. One of the things the boar did. It moved up the deadline for you to get your ballot application and do it by October 20th. Of course, you don't have to wait. You can request that ballot application now and elections officials remind you completed ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day, November 3rd Kate Ryan w. T. O P News in Virginia. The deadline to request a ballot by mail is October 20 3rd D C is mailing eligible voters a ballot. There's a chance Langley Park and Prince George's County will miss out on millions of dollars of funding. Immigrant advocates say That's because some members of the Latino community there are deciding not to participate in the U. S census, especially undocumented immigrants. They're concerned about legal status. That if they do this senses as they might get deported That's Rosie Flores, a census promoter for Casa Maryland. Speaking to our news partners at NBC, four days before US Census takers began knocking on the doors Tuesday, Census Bureau director Stephen Dealing Ham issued a statement that field data collection would end by September 30th 4 weeks earlier than previously announced. A new report finds. Maryland has the second worst traffic congestion in the country, and with fewer drivers on the roads, lower gas and toll revenues. The state's hoping Congress steps in to renew the funding for the kind of highway projects designed to help fix the problem. Maryland with 82% of its urban interstates, congested has the second highest year across the country and Rocky Moretti with the national Transportation Nonprofit. Tripp says 5% of the pavement in the free state is in poor condition. With travel down Duke over 19 state highways have lost $16 billion in revenues in 2020. This as the federal surface transportation program is set to expire in September are impact initially was a reduction in about $500 billion in revenue in fiscal year 20. You feel that on our system,.

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