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She's she's she's. She's delightful she. She's like claire. She has that british delightful. Aw what is it accident accent. I wonder why you would want to main enjoyed having coleman. Maybe we got the same taste in jam on tonight. Maybe we did you could you could we should ask so. I really enjoy her but her writing podcasts in i i would recommend it for <hes> newbies people who have been doing this for years or anywhere in between she. She covers the whole spectrum. You obviously agree 'cause. You're nodding your head she does. She's berlin if i ever i get emails on a regular basis from people saying hey i'm gonna write book. Where do i saw always put with him. Towards the on his website the greatest penta calmness penguin that a blend and but hypocaust creative penn is is brilliant and i've even been a guest on it which was one if the mice nerve wracking port call superiors as i've ever done <hes> because she has a very big audience she's been going ten years and she is the authority on it and she's very lovely but it it was very <unk> as well as being fictional the end it was it was great. I think i listened to that one. I'll have to listen to it again. Were there any bloopers involved today. Mr bloopers bloopers on that one yeah you did. Did you even t._v. We well. I do listen to podcast doing admin work so i can miss some things. I don't listen to our podcast while and do an animal or actually doing them. In writing the blurb <unk> listen to our podcast so i also turned to the so publishing show by martin and james blatch is that right out in in cleared. I've had the distinct honor of having beers with those two a couple wolf times but i really enjoy their show as well. I i listened to that pretty much every week. I have to admit i'm behind on my summer listening because i've been traveling so much trying to get caught up but that's another one that i go to quite on a regular basis and i'm just gonna chime in on this as well because i think all writing one's going to be fairly similar at least some of them so just to say my sense about that one as well and yeah it's it's a really good one listen and do they have their bit different to join a penny in that they got a whole the self publishing formula community and said they interview people he made it big via their courses because they run courses on appetizing and and and just house it had published one say that <hes> they got a wide variety of this and say they mainland india as they do interview tradition published published as well but they've we'll say they ran some brilliant interviews with india this he made it bank in but bob ads facebook ads amazon ads and something else carbon now now but those full guy back and have a look for those because as for interviews i found really really am educational and a lot from them and i applied a couple of the points they said say they reading it from people who are doing it now and they kind of get into the nitty gritty parts of the business which i enjoy this is not all about just the craft when you are in the author. You do have to know that actual what some people might consider boring aspects but more get into it. I actually actually rather enjoy all aspects of the writing life in the next two then. I'm going to mention that. I might just mentioned in handover to you because you are the one who introduced me to these podcasts. He you might have a lot more to say about them. The first one is how do you write by rachel herring in the second. One is another rachel that she does with jay. Foreign the writers will and and i remember <hes> you're listening to the writers will when you met me at a publishing you were told me about it and i think i downloaded it right then and there yet again yeah i've been. I've been lucky enough to be a guest on rachel herons. How do you white for cost and that she's interesting..

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