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Risking too much you risk in almost two to one if you want to take the patriots to win here's my problem no with the four and a half and if you you'll in new england day historically have gotten off to so many slow starts in the super bowls that scares me a little bit number two the back door covering play with a flawed patriot tv that also scares me it's one thing they tell me you don't trust falls enough in order to win the game but i do think though wasser of philadelphia and the way this salon has moved i do think there is a lot of ways you can justify taken the eagles here in this game and that's why makes it such a tough super bowl try handicap after you very of i really look over anything i to maybe the eagle mirapeix eagle ground looking at over and getting feeling go with it purely are israeli really like it was a normal game you know might be even tough to just lay off the buoyed by since the super bowl you gotta fix the super bowl loti it will be the difference in a winning year and a losing year good left here on sunday jeff body likes the pats laying the four and a half fan or j told you earlier his best bet gave you a couple prophecy likes these says pats on the money line would on the two to one his best bet whereas spread investor is going to join us live in studio in about forty minutes or so the final sunday edition of the box the week prop that still account over on this telecom superbowl mvp silica of course should call eight seven seven thirty three seven at sixty six sixty six then cavaliers still team the beating the eastern conference get the files rc update that area areas the italian stein mark of already.

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