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Talk about how scene was done John. Well in those days the at that point. There was only one thirty second. Bit of film footage of an actual tornado shot in Cuba earlier in the nineteen thirties. There were photographs of tornadoes, but MGM was going on description and pictures, and the were no CGI possible effects in one thousand nine thirty eight thirty nine they had to make everything in this case, quite literally out of whole cloth. And what they did was wrapped chicken wire around and around and around bigger at the top. And then smaller is it got to the bottom the bottom being thirty four feet from the top. They wrapped muslin around that had the top above of the sound stages at MGM are in the rafters, pardon me. The bottom was underneath the floor of the sound stage where it was attached to a little cart. And that way they could drive the car around under the floor and make the bottom of the funnel looked like it was swooping. They added a plates of. Class that had been painted gray. They headed a tufts of cloud made out of cotton. They added wind machines they added dust, and that is how they made a tornado for the screen of eighty years ago. This is one of those other interesting cultural touch points, John because as I understand it a lot of people who saw that scene. Got turned on for the first time to meteorology. Well, this was again one of the great ongoing points about wizard of Oz. And its impact I think it was about seven or eight years ago the Weather Channel, which I venerate did a special on the hundred most important moments in whether history, and I think number fifty two or fifty three was the tornado in the wizard of Oz. Because it impacted on so many of them and lead them into a career of forecasting weather studying whether predicting weather there were also a lot of issues though with the makeup from this movie because it was in technicolor makeup was very different. Granted there was makeup in black and white films. But they were doing different things, for example. The original actor who played the tin, man. Not Jack Haley, the one you see in the movie, but the original actor the makeup on him was so bad that he ended up in the hospital for a month and a half is that right? The in an iron lung letty apps. What happened buddy absent who most people will know as jed clampett or Barnaby Jones from TV in the sixties seventies. And eighties was the tin, man. He had been a Broadway song and dance, man. And his original makeup was clown. White, you know, the white pace they that clowns put on their faces. And then this was dusted with aluminum particles to give him the tin, silver, sheen. Well, the first ten days of shooting. He was dusted and dusted and reduced it and reduced it over and over every day, and he inhaled unwittingly a lot of those silver Potter particles, and the aluminum he either had an allergy to it or it did something if it coated his lungs on the inside and one night, he went home to dinner and could not breathe and had to be rushed to the hospital, and he was had to be replaced in the. Film because he was laid up for as you said weeks, but MGM hit a lot of makeup problems with us not only because of the technicolor, but because five years before us paramount had made an all-star Allison wonderland. Carey grant, all of the WC fields. Gary Cooper, all these people, but they were done they were immersed in huge paper, machine and rubber masks. So that you couldn't recognize them an MGM learned from this. They said if we're gonna star or co star Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, Bert Lahr, Frank Morgan Margaret Hamilton, these are people who come have fans who come to the movies to see them. We have to make sure they look like themselves. Besides looking like the characters vase Margaret Hamilton suffered from the makeup to the green face makeup burned her face, didn't it. Well, it wasn't. It wouldn't have except that in the scene where the wicked witch disappears from munchkin land right after the line. I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too. Meg and I knew Margaret Hamilton. So we had. Discussed this years ago..

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