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Will use automatic license plate readers to canvas roads in order to identify uninsured. Vehicles. Chairman, Brian Hermansen says the owner will then be notified by mail. They have to pay a one hundred seventy four dollar violation fee, and they have thirty days to get car insurance. Also have to sign a two year agreement we call it's like a deferred prosecution agreement saying that they'll keep the car insured for the next two years and therefore satisfied that they're going to be in compliance with the law in the future says it will only apply to Oklahoma license, plates, not out of state or tribal tags. It will launch on November first and the bicyclists that was struck by a vehicle yesterday on. State highway sixty six west of Yukon has died from his injuries. Police say fifty year old Gary Duval died this morning. The driver who struck him left the scene. Police believe it was a Ford pickup truck and the Putnam city teacher arrested Monday for allegedly sending inappropriate social media messages to a fourteen year old female student was a special education teacher at Putnam city high school thirty eight year old Marcus Quin allegedly exchanged nude photos with the girl and said that he wanted to have sex with her. The girl reportedly told police the two been talking on Instagram since last spring and Oklahoma City police tell us now that they have arrested two suspects in last Friday's fatal shooting at the night trips club and the two hundred block of south Vermont. The victim was twenty nine year old jasmine Coulter he was found in the parking lot. He was taken to a hospital where he died. Police also announced today that they've arrested two suspects. Thirty two year old Jessica Villegas and thirty year old Harvey Booker on first degree murder. Complaints Tulsa police shot and killed a man this morning while serving a high risk warrant at a house near eleventh and Yale police say the man was known to have firearms and narcotics inside the house. The man allegedly fired a shot outside an officer returned fire. And the man was shot twice in the chest and died at the scene. He's been identified as thirty seven year old Sean day Mullins and a twenty three year old ULA. Guy woman has pleaded guilty to murder charges stemming from the burglary of a Wagner county residents in March of last year during which her three teenage accomplices were shot and killed by a man inside the house. The Tulsa world reports. Elizabeth Rodriguez pleaded guilty to three second degree murder charges. She was sentenced to forty five years in prison with all but the first thirty two years suspended and. A lot of excitement this morning at Madison elementary school. In Norman, a kindergarten teacher was presented a prestigious Milken educator award. That comes with a twenty five thousand dollar check. Co-founder low Milkin did the honors it gives me. Great pleasure to present the Milken educator award to a truly outstanding educator educator is. Haley couch. Haley couch was honored for her exceptional work as a teacher. She can use the money. However, she.

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