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Now to qualify 202-908-5555 Sports at 15 and 45 on WTO P Now to rob wood fork all right the capitals dominated the first 17 minutes in Florida but now in the second period here's a shot from Montgomery score and the Panthers have their first lead of the series Paul Giroud the former Philadelphia captain has made it two to one Florida As John Walton with the call on 1500 a.m. the cap still down by that two one deficit as we come up on 14 minutes left in this second period and they took advantage early of a slew of panther penalties dominant shots on goal advantage for the caps in that early going but that has since been trimmed down significantly here in this second period The capitals again down by a goal in Florida also in progress game one in New York between the rangers and penguins that's all knotted up at two a piece is that one heads for second intermission the nationals and rockies underway at Coors field in the series opener opener in Colorado No score in the top of the first inning Eric fetty making the start for the Nats tonight And in Baltimore all tied up between the Orioles and the Minnesota Twins two wall in the bottom of the 5th inning and the NBA playoffs even with a strong start to the third quarter of the Milwaukee Bucks Find themselves in a big hole 75 56 the lead for the Celtics in the third quarter monster game from jaylen Brown scoring 25 points on 9 of 14 shooting these hit 5 of 7 from three point range this on a night when Marcus smart the reigning defensive player of the year is sidelined by injury rob wood fork WTO sports.

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