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That's why Lara took my gun away now I'll take it match they do suspect within if they did they wouldn't load your gun with blanks I don't get it I give up our agents checked all landings of buffalo until they latched on to your own Conrad Laura a table sugar Sanderson Arbogast advertising on after you left we picked up our gas on the longstanding illegal immigration rap they can't possibly connected arrest review while we were there we found out that Sanderson Arbogast advertising is a cover for a microphone in laboratory after the tiny tiny film thing tiny enough to roll up and fit into a cartridge emptied of powder and the lead replaced now I am telling me they microphone the stuff in that briefcase and put it into the cartridges of my gun here they are and they didn't go off today I'm in trouble comrade Larin never lost a briefcase on that bus our region's run bored watching she's Lipitor Confederate value slept we let them we get them in Washington when I try to put the data back in the files yeah I'm in trouble I got to go back to the hotel and give Mister Penrose whoever he has my gun laws microphone bulletin right he got your gun back what about the bullets it's got boneless with doctor microphone in them I reload your gun with SVR prepared I mean mission it'll make the Kremlin very very happy with the match and it won't do them any good at all I feel better a clever you boys rob Lowe down we've got to be or we'd all be in the doghouse get going mad you don't want to keep the Kremlin waiting I believe eleven feeling great exhilarating our game in the clouds has come down to earth with plenty of inside stuff a high stakes and I won and then.

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